Tuesday, February 20, 2007

We don't agitate the dots

The Monday from hell is behind me. It took forever, well in reality, about thirteen hours. It was a hard day, I was having trouble seeing, the same as this morning. I was busy, and got little done, an employee went home sick, that put me in the back for a couple of hours, another employee had issues with kid, and and to leave for a dr appt with him, it was busy, which is unusual for a Monday, but the weather was finally much improved and i think that helped. The last deal of the day was still being finished up when I left about eight fifteen. I was in no hurry to get home however, and it was as quiet as I expected it would be. I am looking for a place to live, it's hard to believe I just said that, but I really do think it's time. That will be a problem though, there are few decent places to live in the area. I want an apartment--we already have two houses for heaven sake. But there are no decent apartments, and I don't want to drive anymore, I want to live in the same town as the job. Good luck. All the apartments there are converted from old houses, and look like they have been abused for decades. I refuse to live in a shithole. So it could take awhile. I am up late this morning, I was so very tired when I got home last night, and i still am. I am in a fair amount of pain, that I had hoped would get better after the pills, but it is sticking with me so far. A great beginning to the day. I hope yours is better than mine looks like it will be. Out.

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