Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Lesson Learned

Last evening proved to be as long as I thought it would, it seemed late by the time I got home, but it was only eight-thirty. Owner has a g'friend that lives with him, and she has two kids from previous relationships ( and they have one together, but that fact has nothing to do with this story). The oldest boy, I think he's about 13-14, was dropped off (by him) at the garage to work on a paper he had to write for school, and they have no printer at home. It was arranged earlier that I would give him a ride home when we closed. I went in and checked on him about a half hour before time to go, he said that he was about finished. Just before we closed he came into my office and said that he had tried to print it, and the computer shut down, and he couldn't find the paper saved anywhere. I offered to try to locate the paper in the documents file, but he emphatically told me no, that he would worry about it tomorrow....he seemed upset, and i felt bad for him,doing all that work only to lose it, and then I remembered the things that are saved to Owners computer, and I hoped to hell he didn't stumble across the wrong thing. Owner has a pretty perverted sense of humor, one that I actually appreciate most of the time, but if I had kids anywhere in my life, I probably wouldn't let him within two miles of that computer! Then I remembered the damned photos, holy crap, there are pictures of the two of them, owner and girlfriend, who is boy's MOTHER, saved in his photo file, and i know because I happened upon them once, and they are horrible, and I am no prude, they are the kind of pictures that you can't stop looking at, like a bad accident on the highway, oh hell, I hope he didn't see them. I couldn't exactly ask him about it, but something was obviously wrong. I asked him why he didn't use another computer in the offices, and he told me that Owner has said to use his, so he would stay out of the way of the employees. Good thinking, Owner. I once asked O why he didn't take them out of the photo file, and he said no way, he was proud of them. I reminded him how many are likely to use his system, and he said it would be their problem if the photos were found, that's what the unsuspecting computer user would get for snooping around where they didn't belong. Well, today I say, that will teach him! Finding sex pictures of your mother and boyfriend would be a good punishment for trying to do your fucking homework. Geez.

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