Thursday, February 15, 2007

Just call me Ronald Reagan

Another early morning, but at least the night ended for me at three thirty, instead of two thirty. I had an okay day yesterday, spent a few hours with my mom, it was good. Came home to a really quiet house, but a nicely painted stairway and hallway. It looks great. It will be a really long day at work today, and they are so hard on me. All things are really hard on me right now. Vday was really crappy but there was no way for it not to be. H and I are completely incapable of communicating at this time, and I really don't understand that. You open your mouth, words should come out. Words that make sense, and apply to the current subject. Not so hard, certainly not for me, after all, I am the great communicator. I have zero trouble making myself understood at work, or with my kids, but in this case, it is currently impossible for me (or him) to say it right. Damned if I know.

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