Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just ask

Isn't life funny? Ha Ha sometimes, strange other times. Lately, more strange than funny. I could use a little funny, a laugh can really help. But they have been few and far between recently. I can generally count on Owner to provide a laugh or two, recently he has been on quite a roll. He can always make me laugh (when I am not wanting to kill him), but yesterday he did one of the sweetest things i can ever remember him doing. He tried to make me feel better, he tried to cheer me up. I can't remember him ever doing that - and he was terrible at it. Awful---"you never know, maybe you two can put it all back together, it may not be forever, just for now"...he stumbled and stammered and sputtered and really tried, and I appreciated it beyond belief. It made me laugh, but touched me at the same time. All others at work are just trying to avoid talking about it with me, but it is being discussed vehemently when I am not around. There was no point in trying to hide it, everyone knows by now. The place is physically too small for discussion not to be overheard, plus I have been actively looking for a place to live, that is a little hard to hide. If anyone would ask me about it, I would tell them the truth, instead, it is only talked about behind my back--and i suppose that is okay, too. But, if you want to know what's going on, or if you want to know the truth, ASK ME. I will tell you. No, it really isn't your business, and I don't generally talk about personal issues, however, in this case-the truth is pretty benign, certainly lower key and less dramatic than the stories that I know are circling. But wait a minute----the truth is not as fun as the made up versions. Now I get it. I am sure it is made way more confusing by the fact that H has been seen several times around the garage in the past couple of days, and we are talking and acting quite normal. Just ask, people.

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