Tuesday, January 02, 2007

To talk of many things...

Up while the clock is still in the three's, once again. No wonder I am so freakin tired at night. I feel like a baby that has days and nights mixed up. I will be really shot by tonight as I have to stay at work and do a complete download on the computer system. Usually takes three to five hours, hopefully, three will do it tonight. Apparently, I cannot close the year without this update. What pisses me off is that I pay the company more than three grand a month to be our system provider, shouldn't that include updates? No matter, it is what it is. How profound is that? As predicted, I have not left the house since Saturday, when I got home from work. I haven't missed going out any where, I think I could easily be a hermit. Although I did walk once, and meant to yesterday, but that plan quickly went by the wayside, as the pain in my legs never did quiet down. I am feeling somewhat better, however. Somewhat. It has been a pretty good weekend, if a little boring. No way to say what the week will bring, but that is the fun in this life. Could be good, could be GREAT, could suck. That too, will be what it is. YS and GF each have good prospects on jobs and interviews (both) this week. I am keeping my fingers crossed, and praying. D is seriously moving, it seems a little sudden, but whatever she wants is good with me. I will miss having her close, but I will still see her every week, as she will continue to work with me one day a week. I guess that does it for this morning. I hope your day is great. Hell, I hope my day is great. Later.

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