Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Of shoes and ships and sealing wax...

My Tuesday was pretty much a wash. I can't really say why, only that my friggen telephone rang at least 46 times, I was visited by EVERYONE, and frankly, the boss' daughter really was the last straw. Today, TODAY will be different. It has to be, this is the THIRD of the month, the new year. The THIRD. GF is supposedly working today, it will have to be quiet, it will have to be. I couldn't do the update that was scheduled for last evening, so it now will be on Thursday evening, hopefully. I am already behind, and will be for the next six weeks. Apparently, H is going to Fort Lauderdale early next week, to pick up a car. I appreciate that he will do this, and he does get paid for doing it, but I am thinking that we will NEVER get anything actually done in this house, oh well. What-the-fuck-ever.

Up again this morning at three thirty in the blessed am. Damn. Of course, I go to sleep with the fucking chickens, so I am no longer tired at three thirty. I have two sleeping in the guest room (doesn't that sound so nice, guest room?) YS and GF. I am not sure why exactly, apparently they do not have gas money to waste, and GF was scheduled to work with me today, because they are short on their rent money, not because I wanted her to work, not that it matters to me, the jobs that she is doing certainly needs done, and she can come and go when she wants, it's just that the staying with me thing is unusual, I would have liked it, but i didn't see them, they were gone all evening, and I was asleep when they came in. Whatever. D' s plans are moving right along, she rented a storage space today, I guess she will be moving shit into it now. I find this whole thing a little confusing, and I am wondering if she has a job, or will have a job when she moves, as far as I know, she hasn't told her employer that she needs to transfer, I certainly hope that she can do that. I guess if it isn't worrying her, then it shouldn't worry me... Whatever.

You know, sometimes the fucking news grosses me out. I cannot believe the shit i hear on there. There might be a few things best left unsaid. I did have one cool thing happen yesterday, I finally have the television in my office hooked up to a satellite, and i even have my own little box and remote! I can listen/watch the news again, even if there are some little shithead white trash teens waiting for an oil change on their little shithead white trash cars, and watching fucking MTV while they wait, wouldn't want to miss "pimp my crib", or some shit. Yea for me! Let's hope for a calm, quiet, PRODUCTIVE day. I can dream can't I? Whatever.

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