Sunday, December 10, 2006

More of me

I hate temper fits.
I love egg sandwiches.
I've always wanted to be african-american.
I would give away most anything.
I am hungry, currently.
I really don't like to travel much.
I can only think of a few places that i would actually take the time and trouble to go to.
I hate cleaning but can't deal with being in a dirty place.
I want a dog.
I want a llama.
I want a kitten.
I HATE shopping, for anything.
I love cool pens and paper and pencils.
I once ate a chocolate covered ant.
I would smoke marijuana if it were legal.
I love Missouri.
I love Tennessee.
I don't love the ocean.
I don't like to drive over bridges.
My house needs dusted. really bad.
I dated dozens of guys in high school, and never slept with any of them.
I really BELIEVED that my mother would kill me if I got pregnant.
I rarely went out on second dates.
I take pictures constantly but cannot look at past photo albums of my life because they make me cry.
I smoke and want to quit.
I despise paying bills.
I want to learn to roller blade.
My kids find me embarrassing, sometimes.
The beauty of the grand canyon made me cry.
There is no such thing as a comfortable bra, sorry mom-I don't care what Oprah says.
I love thunderstorms.
I want to experience a hurricane.
Tornado's scare the hell out of me.
I cannot chew gum.
I am addicted to altoids.
I had a pet duck once. Murphy.
I love giraffes.
I love teddy bears.
I sleep with one.
I think underwear is stupid.
I would do ANYTHING not to vomit.
I used to be a good speller.
I love to read fiction, but I cannot stand a paperback book.
I spend a ridiculous amount of money on hardback books.
I cannot look at a dead animal on the road.
I think that's enough.

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