Sunday, December 10, 2006


I hate winter. It's long and ugly.
I am pretty much a closet republican.
I do NOT believe in the death penalty.
I do NOT believe in abortion.
I am a size eight, but I like being a size six better.
I drink two or three beers most evenings.
If I didn't I would still be a size six.
I only drink coffee, water, club soda and beer.
I really like turkey and chicken,
I generally don't eat red meat.
I don't like ice cream.
I love to cook, when I don't have to.
Sometimes my brain will not work. At all.
I have big feet.
And skinny legs.

I love all animals, and cannot listen to any hunting stories.
I hit a deer once, and i felt worse for the deer than I did for my car.
I grow really long fingernails, one of the few things I do really well.
I have big ears.
I love all music, but I feel country music in my gut.
I can sing well.
I lived with my grandmother when I was small, and there was no indoor plumbing.
I do not like snakes or bugs.
I feel guilty when I kill a bug, I always worry that their mothers will be looking for them.
I am tall and always wanted to be short.
I do not like short men.
I love to dance.
I once won a dance contest, dancing with some dude I had never seen before.
I made out with Dwight Yokum before he was famous.
I saw Elvis in concert a few months before he died.
I am addicted to auto racing.
I think more like a man than a woman.
I think most women are really stupid and shallow.
I can hang bracelets on my nose and they will not fall off.
I have more grey hair now than I do black.
I am part indian, one eighth, I think. Cherokee.
I can be full of shit, but I resent talking to most people.
I made beautiful, smart children. (okay, I had a little help)
I honestly believe that anything is possible.
I have learned that murphy's law generally applies.
I believe that I have lived before, and that I fell from a high place and drowned.
I had a ghost in my house once.
I think that if you don't get it right the first time, you will be back over and over.
I believe in Heaven and hell.
I believe in God.
That's enough about me, what about you?

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