Friday, December 29, 2006

Anatomy class

It's early. I don't want to be up because I am still tired, but here I am. Today is Friday, not that it means much to be Friday, I have to work on Saturday. This week is all fouled up, and I don't really know what day it is. I spent last evening watching the first season of The Office, I hadn't seen many of that year, apparently I didn't think it was funny then, I love it now. That was about the only bright spot in my whole day yesterday, but you already know all about that. I am hoping for a better day today, although the signs are pointing to one about the same. My mood feels better, but i remembered to take the miracle pill last night, (could missing one night really make such a difference in the way I feel?). My pain level is nearing close to intolerable, I don't know why, i just want it to stop. The new NSAID that was prescribed for me is doing little if anything, the ibu's that I have lived on for so long worked, at least, even if they are going to put me into an early grave. I am hoping that new pills will become effective within a couple of days of taking them because all the joints in my body are screaming and wanting to literally refuse to work. Shit. On a different note, I got home last evening to a beautiful, newly painted entryway. H has worked really hard, it will be wonderful when he is all finished with it, although the entryway leads to the stairway, the stairway leads to the hallway, the kneebone's connected to the leg bone, etc. So, it could be awhile before he gets this job all finished. UGH, my stomach is not right, will talk later.

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