Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Today is my baby's BIRTHDAY! Twenty-One years old, how can that be? I am only 21, he cannot be the same age.What a day that day turned out to be. The memories make me laugh, it was wonderful, and funny...I wonder if his father thinks back on the same events every October 11th? If I liked him, I would ask him. Unfortunately.....

New pills and brown bottles apparently don't mix, or at least I hope that is what caused the night that i had, I am still sick, quite close to running to the bathroom and heaving, again. Bad headache, sick stomach, all night long. Can't wait to take them again this morning. I took both at the same time last evening, hoping that if I spread them out a little, and take them this morning, I will still be able to have my one or two browns this evening. Taking YS and his GF out to dinner this evening, I have to feel better. So far it seems that this day will suck a little, I have got to feel better! Already running behind, feeling sick makes the morning go badly, better get with it-Have a happy day!

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