Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Stinkin' to high heaven

The day flew by yesterday, and i got a lot accomplished. I was fricken exhausted by six thirty. And in a pissy mood for no apparent reason. I guess just tired of being in the kitchen, tired of standing there all day. H got home fairly early, but I was a few brown bottles tired and pretty quiet. I wanted to sleep upstairs but I didn't have the energy to get there about midnight. It was odd how worn down I was, but it happens occasionally. Pretty okay this am, but the day will be long. I have to get all this food to the location of business #2, warmed up and ready to eat. That will be a huge challenge, as there is little equipment to do that with. Damned Italian beef is stinking to high heaven-not a pleasant odor to wake up to. Not really a pleasant odor to me, ever, but certainly not a four thirty in the blessed am. ugh.

Have dr's appt at four today, not looking forward to that, then I have to run and pick up a bday present for YS, then I have to run by my mother's house. I haven't seen her in forever, I always feel bad about that, but there is never enough time. One day soon I will regret that I didn't make the time, she is not well. She means the world to me, I cannot explain how important she is in my life, yet I rarely have the time required to see her. When I do, I can never stay long enough to please her, she never wants me to leave. I will probably see her this weekend, however, my OS is coming to visit. I will (at the least) take her halfway back to her town. That will be okay, I always enjoy seeing her. It's really strange getting older, and watching your family get older, too. It seems impossible that we can really be the ages we are....but then I guess I feel that way about everyone. YS turns 21 tomorrow. Impossible. I mean it, that is impossible. Where have the last 10 years gone?

I don't want to, but i guess I'd better get my ass in the kitchen. I have to figure out how to heat this HUGE prime rib, and what I'm going to transport all this crap in. Have a good day - !

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