Friday, October 27, 2006

Happy Friday!

Damn, another REALLY short night. Crazy dog barked most of it. I know that she has issues, but I really think it's time to take her to the doggie doctor and get her some sleeping medication, so that the rest of us can sleep. I got home from work late, and then YS and GF were here, getting ready to leave, OS was on his way here to stay for the weekend, and we had no bed for him to sleep in. H had put the waterbed frame together, but we had none nothing further. SO we finished that job, and that went until nearly eleven, and if you remember, the night before had been very short due to me not knowing what time all good girls get their asses home, so we were both quite tired. OS is staying here until sunday. I had asked him to come and stay on Saturday night because H and I are going to be gone and we have to have someone here to take care of Crazy dog. The brother of OS's good friend died this week and the funeral is today---and he is going with a few of his buddies so he came home early. That will not be fun for him, I hate funerals, and when they are for someone young (31), I think they are hell. Tonight, I am taking OS back up to the town of business #2, and we are meeting H and D for dinner there, then we are going to go to D's apartment to see her new sofa and her new kitty. Then we are coming HOME and I am going to bed early. Tomorrow, H will pick me up at work and we will drive to the QC to have dinner with my sister and her H. We will be back home on Sunday. Sounds busy--

The plan is for H and I to sleep in the spare room while we tear up our bedroom, I haven't slept on a waterbed since I was in high school, that should be interesting. Somehow we have to have another bed available for the kids when they come home, I don't know what we'll do.

Still so much to get finished at work, and the deadlines on all of it are this coming Tuesday-and this if Friday-so I'd probably get with it. The owner left of Las Vegas yesterday, so I am doing it all, not that it's much different from other days.

Just a few more days until it's November, and as soon as it's November, it's Christmas, and then it's the new year. How can that be? I haven't even begun to think about the holidays this year, and they will be here before you know it. They aren't nearly as fun as they used to be---I would give ANYTHING to go back to the days when the kids were little-Christmas was so much fun then. I was good at it, and for them, I think (hope) that time of year felt like magic. That's what I wanted, anyway. Now I just buy what they ask for, and put myself a few more thousand in debt. OS has asked me to donate what I usually spend on him to the empty stocking program, like me, he can't handle the idea of a child with no Santa Clause. For the past couple of years he and have donated to that organization together. I makes me proud that he is that way.

Guess I'd better get moving. Happy Friday!

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