Monday, October 30, 2006

Catching Up.

Monday again. The weekend flew by, and I haven't even posted since Friday am. Well, we went out again Friday night, and it was another successful evening, but we were out really late again, and I had to work on Saturday. Then after work, we left for the QC and were gone until late afternoon yesterday. We had dinner on Sat night with my sister, the older one (the only one in my family that i consider normal) and her husband. It was alot of fun. We are getting so old, and we have always wanted to spend more time together, but life has always gotten in the way. I have decided that if we don't take the time now, there will be no time left. After dinner, H and I went to a casino that I don't remember going to before, although H says we have been there, but I was so tied from the night before, it wasn't the best time i have ever had. We stayed overnight at a nice hotel, got up yesterday, did a little shopping and came home. We got home, I layed on the couch and watched the race that I had on the DVR (TONY WON!) and H did the laundry. I was worn out and not feeling the best, much like this morning, there is something wrong with a muscle or something in my back, it hurts like hell in the upper left area. I think I might have pulled something coughing. In any event, it really hurts. I probably need to see someone about it, but it will have to be later in the week, I have too much to do before the end of the month to worry about it. Today and tomorrow are going to be long days. I am ready to have it all done---quarterly reports, unclaimed property, financial statements for the business and the owner, a list of questions as long as my arm for the refinancing of the floorplan, and on and on and on. Most of these are for the two businesses, so it's times two. I have made alot of progress the past few days, but I wasn't able to start until late last week. So, my work is cut out for me. And the pain in my back will have to wait.

In any event, we have had a good weekend. It is nice to get away, but I love coming back home--I am not one to be gone from my home for very long. OS came and stayed for the weekend, to take care of Crazydog. I was happy to have him here. D is back working Saturdays with me, that began this weekend, it was nice to have her back. She seems to be doing better. I love her new kitty. Halloween will be here tomorrow---I used to love that time when the kids were little. In the past, we had lots of kids come by, but the last few years, it has tapered down to nothing. I don't even turn the light on anymore. I miss it.

I guess i'd better get with it. SO much to do, so little time. Have a good day!


James said...

Dear Simonsays,

I noticed that you mentioned "unclaimed property" as something you needed to get done. I assume you mean the filings that were due to most of the states today. Is there anything my firm can help you and your businesses with in that regard? If you're responsible for these filings, we might be able to alleviate these pressures by providing an outsourcing solution. I obviously can't tell if your filing responsibility is enormous, but if you think we can help, get in touch with me though our web page ( Also, pardon the site itself, it's getting a makeover as we speak!

Best regards...

simonsays said...

james, thanks for the offer of help, but my responsibility for unclaimed property filings is one of the few that I do that is a snap-since we have none. I do appreciate your offer, however. Happy Blogging!