Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Final Thought.

This has been an interesting week, I have learned a lot about myself, and few others. Human nature is a strange thing. I usually like to believe I am above the general human reaction to situation, and then I find that I am not. I am not proud of my feelings that consumed me for a little while yesterday, but they were there, and I can't pretend they weren't. So there you are. Family is family, and right or wrong, it's family. Friends are not family, and it's NOT the same. D behaved no less badly than my friend did, but I hold it against friend, and not D. But-----Friend should have taken the friendship into account, and friend didn't. And I guess that's why I am so pissed. For friend to act as though all things will remain the same is childish as well as asinine. Period. It was a choice that was made by him, and at the critical point, our friendship did not matter. So now, it doesn't matter to me. And now, that will be all i have to say about any of it anymore.

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