Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The current object of my irritation

just walked in the door of my place of business. I have always treated this person like one of my own, he is a little older than mine, but I have always felt about him very much the way I feel about my own kids. He has relied on my advice and experience many times, always calling when something comes up, a dilemma or a problem, and always valued what i had to say. I have many, many reasons to believe that he has something to do with the breakup of D's marriage. I suspect that he has been quite involved. I don't know, but I know, if that makes sense. Today when i saw him, I wanted to claw his eyes out! That is not like me, honestly, if I am correct, he would be no more involved than she would, and I don't feel angry with her. What in the world is my problem? He hasn't come in to my office to visit with me yet, maybe he won't, but either way, that is unusual. Generally, it's the first stop. Guilt, perhaps? F***ing weasel---Motherf***ing weasel! I want to knife the tires on his fricking truck----okay, enough. I feel better now. Over and out.

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