Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Burning Ring of Fire

Holy Hell, I woke up in pain, burning pain in most of my body parts. Lupus flare-up? I certainly hope not, although that is what it feels like. I didn't see this one coming, but then I never do. The weather is terribly cold, rainy, dreary, I am hoping that's what is wrong with me, sometimes extreme conditions can do that. Oh man, I hurt. I am supposed to work today, wrote an email and said I couldn't. But I have things i needed to get done today. Shit.

Went out last night, had a great time. H didn't, but that is becoming the norm. He didn't used to be like this. We hadn't been for a few weeks, I was hoping he could let himself go a little and enjoy it. Not the case. He is getting to be a drag at times. I miss the old H. I wonder if he is feeling bad or maybe just feeling his age? That doesn't make sense though, he is younger than me.

Most things are going relatively well, all Kids are doing as well as can be expected-Ys is working, seems happy. Os is still hating school. I expect that will be until he can do something different. D seems pretty okay under the circumstances. It is nice not to have a huge worry at the moment.

Damn, I hurt. Think I'll lay down for awhile. Over and Out.

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