Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fifty nine degrees!

Good Morning----a short night. Tired this am, but looking forward to getting my day going and getting with it. I accomplished MUCH yesterday, still MUCH to do, but I am getting there. I DID go visit my momma last evening, had a good time, she is so small and fragile. I dread the day that she moves on, and I think that could be anytime. I know she is tired of pain, tired of the fight, I don't blame her. I am not ready to lose her, but i understand how she must feel, at times I feel that way and I am twenty-five years younger than she is. We made plans for me to visit each Tuesday evening, that really made her happy. I feel bad that I have only been thirty miles away and I manage to see her so seldom. I will do better, I have to. For the majority of my life, she has been my strength, the reason that I am who and what i am, and without her-I will be lost. I explain myself so little, I talk to so few, but when I have needed to be understood, or when I have needed to explain, she has been the one that I talk to. What will I do when she is gone? I honestly haven't talked much to her recently, I mean about anything of real importance, mostly because I think she is too tired and sick to listen to me, and I don't want to make her worry. But I have always known that she is there, and i can if I want to. She as been a good mother. My rock. I love her.

When I got home, there was no heat in the house. Damn, it was cold in here. The utility company had come and changed the gas meter, and left a notice that we needed to call when we arrived, so they could come and relight the pilots. By the time we called, they had an emergency in another town, so it was quite late when they got here. Fifty nine degrees inside is cold!

It is going to be a beautiful day (in the neighborhood), and a good one to get a lot of work done! Hope your day is wonderful as well.

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