Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Funny Bone

Tuesday morning already. Yesterday flew by----I didn't accomplish one thing, and my list of things to do for the day was LONG. I spent most of the day putting out fires. I hate those days, it's at those times that I want to leave my job, as i feel like i am nothing more than a babysitter. I did manage to make a few customers happy and I sold a truck to a family member, so those are positives. Today, I will shut myself in my office and not emerge until I have made a huge dent in my list. YS's GF was in for several hours yesterday, also, as she still has time to work off. She makes me laugh, have i mentioned that before?

I am still tired, it is so hard to wake up since i began taking these pills. That has never been a problem of mine, so I know that is the reason. I am so groggy and sleepy, for more than an hour in the morning. After that, I am okay.

I have to go see my mom tonight after work. It has been ages, I was supposed to go last week and she called and said we would have to reschedule because she was feeling so bad. Today, I won't want to go, but I have to. I really miss her, and sometimes it's weeks between visits. I don't mean for it be that long, but it just happens.

On Sunday, I made myself a cup of tea, finished it, and wished I had another, I just didn't want to go MAKE another. I told H that I needed a teapot. He very seriously said, "what kind honey, short and stout?" I have laughed over that for two days now. Sometimes things just strike my funny bone, and they provide a good laugh for a long time. I guess you had to be there. teehee

Guess I'd better get my day going, if i can move this ass of mine--hope your day is good, too.

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