Wednesday, September 20, 2006

silver spoon syndrome and pneumonia

Damn, I was righter (is that a word?) than I thought-i am sick. Doc said pneumonia was only an inch away. I am surprised how how truly BAD i feel. Too much to do to give in to it, i was home most of the afternoon yesterday, i feel zero better and I am that much farther behind. I want time off, but to do what I want, not to sit here and feel like hell. Ys was here most of the afternoon and evening. Ys's gfriend had class and he had nothing to do so he came here to get to his 360 that I won't let him take to that wonderful dump he lives in. That's a new rule, due to all of his shit being ripped off two weeks ago from the lovely dump. So, mom had to go buy him new giant tv and xbox 360......I'll never be able to replace all of the dvd's that were taken, and the guitars and amps will take some time, too. Happily, we move him to a decent place on the weekend.Can't wait, and I know H is excited, he has only moved all three of my kids possessions about twelve thousand times. Os was here earlier in the day, to do laundry and homework, he was behind in both after the big weekend adventure in NYC. D was on the phone in tears, apparently just now understanding that SHE has ten days to find a place and get moved. I knew that, why didn't she? This is all her doing, and while I really don't know why she is separating from the H that I have come to love so much over the years, it is what SHE wanted. But it is not for me to understand, it is only for me to support, and help out. So it could be that she will be coming home for awhile. A solution that makes the most sense to me, but one that I am not exactly jumping up and down over. It would be temporary, i know, but ugh. Damn, having my grown sons back in my house over the years has been difficult at times, but a daughter is different. She has been gone for many years, and two women in any house is a problem.
She also suffers from the silver spoon syndrome, an affliction that has followed her all of her life. I really don' t think that what I have and where I live will be good enough for her, even though it is what she grew up in. All i can do is offer what I have. I have done that. If she comes home it will be interesting. Another move that I am certain that H will be thrilled to make. I hope that if she comes home, that she and i can get back on solid footing, things have not been the best between us. She isn't usually honest with me about most things, and i have a very unusual way of finding things out, things that i had no intention of knowing but i somehow stumble across. I can take alot of shit from my kids, but i detest being lied to. I don't ask too many questions, and i am careful to understand that i don't NEED to know most things about their lives, they are grown. Just don't offer lies for no apparent reason. And if you need something from me-a place to live-money-then i deserve to know why.

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