Thursday, September 21, 2006

Litter Box and Swinging Doors

Another wonderful day lost to being sick, not a frickin' thing to show for it, and I still feel like hell. Surprising to me how completely terrible I feel. Shit. No improvement this am it seems, when the hell will I feel like myself? I hate whiners, but this is seriously pissing me off. Better to be pissed off than pissed on, just like my dad always told me. He had a point, I guess. I understand that D IS moving back home, I really dread that, but surely it will be very temporary. I know that H is not going to like having the cat, I am not thrilled about it, but he really hates cats. Hers hides all the time, I doubt that we will ever see it, but it will still have a litter box, and it will not get along with our dog. Poor H. I know he is fed up with the swinging doors here, I really am, too. But these kids are mine, and while we have never gone through the their- mine- not- his issues, he has to think about it at times. I have to try and get myself to work today, although I went yesterday and came home very soon. I need a good drunk. After I feel better, of course.

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