Sunday, September 24, 2006

Karma, I'm tellin' you, Karma

What a day. We survived, and the work really went pretty quickly, it was as organized as possible, considering we are dealing with YS here. It was a day of driving for freakin' ever, and trying to stop any petty arguments between my two highest strung sibling children, raw nerves, high emotions, and the sob ex-H (and father of the three people this blog has centered on so far). Interesting to me that he can become involved in it when he lives (lived) thousands of miles away in Maui. Only now, he is living back here in the good old home state, apparently moved back. And he had driven all across the country, and the truck he bought broke down (that shit only happens to him) karma, man I'm tellin' you,karma. Of course he immediately got D on the phone and wanted her to come rescue them, but only after he broke the heart of YS, for 714,649th time. I at times, really, really hate him. I pride myself on not having that emotion in my body, it is SO destructive-to the Hater, not necessarily to the Hatee. SO friggin' wrapped up in himself, always so wrapped up in himself and his problems, he can't even take one fucking minute to say, How are you, YS? Yes, really, sometimes I HATE him. I watched the face of YS fall. Just liket used to when he was 8. And 9, and 10......But YS is a grown man now, and he handled it like one, actually he handled it like the SOB that caused it would, he got mad, then he got over it, chalked it up to "that's just the way dad is". I am still seething, how dare he treat them all that way? He has now moved back to the midwest, when the only thing that would make him happy eight years ago, was to leave his kids and move to motherfucking paradise. They were so heartbroken when he left, it was very hard on them. But now, now that they are all grown and no longer need him, he's back. To the very place he hated more than any place on this earth. Now THIS is supposed to be the key to his happiness. His incapable of being happy, absolutely incapable. And all three of my kids know how twisted and selfish he is. But they still hurt. And I swear, that is the only reason I ever have wanted to or could actually see myself kill. DON'T FUCK WITH MY KIDS HEARTS. At least D wouldn't even consider going to rescue the bastard. Karma. In any event, YS is moved into his place, and it's wonderful. Oh, how I HATED where he was, it was a scary, bad place, and he was lucky to get out of there only losing his possessions in the burglary, I always worried about something really, really bad happening there. Saintly current husband actually got a little pissy with me, only me, although it had nothing to do with ex-H. It was kind of surprising, although I guess he's allowed. Occasionally, very very occasionally.

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