Monday, September 25, 2006

Excessive Salt

Ugh-Monday again. After a really dull weekend. I don't have what I think are too many of those, but this one certainly was dull. Other than moving day, I didn't leave the house, but that really was by choice-I didn't feel like doing anything or going anywhere. I still have whatever the hell was wrong with me a week ago, I spent most of last night coughing-almost honking, it freaks out my already crazy dog. Even the race yesterday was shit-Tony crashed out on lap 11, but I was happy to see Burton win, you can't help but like him. Os came home like he does every Sunday, to do laundry and play basketball, I attempted to make dinner, it sucked, too. H got home early for a change, that was nice. I guess I am just feeling blah, ususual for me. This week shouldn't be too bad, I have alot to do at work, but i am in better shape than a week ago. I am hoping to take a couple of days off, but I suspect they will be spent helping D pack things up to move this weekend. H and I really thought we would be able to get away for a few days on vacation in September, that didn't work out-he couldn't leave the store. Then we thought that we would be able to get to Vegas in November, but that is looking really iffy as well. For one thing, we really aren't going to have the money-unless something changes drastically. We have a free room for four days through the end of November, and we can fly for nearly nothing, but Vegas is still an expensive place to be. I guess time will tell, but I really, really need a vacation. He does too, he's had an usually rough year. But like I have said before, I want to go to a place where all the stress and worries can't go with me. We have ALOT to do in this house, it would even be good to take a week or so together and just work on it, my stairway walls will never be finished. I had very strange dreams last night, I was cooking-and the salt shaker kept pouring out the salt, on everything, and I kept trying to use it. Hmmmmm....wonder what that means. I did talk to my mom last night, she actually called me. I was happy to hear from her. I guess I'd better get going, wonder what this day will bring?

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