Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dead cell phone battery?

What a long, drawn out day- yesterday turned out to be. I nearly ran down the battery on my cell phone, and i HATE talking on the phone, to anyone. The damned thing rang all day long. I was at work, trying to work, and one crisis after another happened, not to me but to my D's life. She gave her sweet little puppy away, to my mom, and she cried so hard. I surely did understand that, my sweet little Snowman died a year and a half ago, and i still cry regularly. There is no way she can keep the dog, she's not home enough to take care of it, and she can't afford to pay the extra "puppy rent" required of her at the new place. The little guy will be just fine at my mom's house, she's as bad as me with a dog-it will be loved nearly to death and treated like a person. At least she doesn't have to worry about him, she will just miss him. I totally get that, plus every other freakin' thing in her life is changing right now, and I totally understand. Apparently her soon to be ex-H made a mistake in the amount owed on their house and they are several thousand dollars short on paying the mortgages all the way off. He, of course, felt a need to blame her for it, while she had nothing to do with listing it or selling it, and while I understand that as long as they are married it legally is her problem, I told her too bad, his mistake, his problem. He's the one with the high paying job, he can be the one to figure out how to come up with the extra money. He told her to call the bank and ask for a loan, i hope to hell they won't do it, she would have no way to pay it. I can't imagine selling a house and not being 100 percent positive how much I have to pay on the mortgage. That was crisis #2, and #3 concerns a close friend of hers, that may be in some trouble. She doesn't need this right now, and while I think alot of her problems have been created by her, I felt really bad about all of this. She is still a young girl, it's hard as a mom to watch your children hurt. When they do, I hurt. In any event, I really got very little accomplished, and now I have that much more to do today. I was pretty stressed when I got home, and last night was a late night, god how I hate the 12 hour days. I felt better a couple of brown bottles later.

Today will be a long one, too. Not in hours but in all that i have to accomplish before I leave, I will not be going in for the next couple of days, I will be going to help D pack up her house. That will be draining on both of us, physically, and worse, emotionally. I will be happy when she is moved and can start putting all of this bullshit behind her, in fact, I will feel better then, too.
After this weekend, I may not have any crisis' staring me in the face, that will be nice. Oh, I know they will be back, there will always be more, but hopefully not for awhile.

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