Thursday, September 28, 2006

Blog on a Blog

The day went surprisingly well, she is under control, and really has worked very hard. I wasn't able to do as much as I would have liked, but between D and H and myself, we really have gotten most of it done---all that will be left for Sat is the odds and ends, things that she needs between now and then, and the large furniture. I am moving about, but in pretty severe pain. I hope I can get through this without a large flareup. I have to work tomorrow, not excited about that, but what would I do with time off, that wasn't planned out for me? I would like to find out and will, someday. I know that D is really sad, she would have to be. I think she says little about it because of me, she knows I will cry. The whole situation just sucks. SUCKS. I am tired tonight. And really wound up, although I suspect that a couple of brown bottles will help.

H is working late tonight, sometimes I really hate him being gone so much, tonight it's okay. I have things I want to do on the computer, and there is always something to watch on the tele. I have been trying to get back into some sort of shape, although it's slow going. It's hard to find the time, plus I am getting old, and that really makes a difference. I have fired up the old treadmill a few times in the past two weeks, that is probably part of the problem I am having with body pain.

D thinks I am reading her blog--I thought that was interesting. I did before, but I quickly realized that it wasn't my business to do that. I guess I was a little surprised that she would put info out on the internet that she wouldn't want me to read; if I had something to hide from someone, I wouldn't put it here. I wonder if anyone knows who I am when I write this, not that it matters, but I guess if you were looking, it would be easy enough to find me. I did recently delete my membership on another blog sight, and I deleted all of the writing--I am really not sure why, I found this sight and liked it better, plus- at times i have been known to say and write things that have not necessarily been flattering to me, or to some others. In any event, she says someone from my town is reading hers. Interesting. It really makes me wonder who, although I guess that isn't really so surprising, she basically grew up here. I can't imagine that anyone would want to read most blogs--personal ones at least, like this one, it's a pretty boring read. I have always like writing about the events in my life, and it's easy to do it here, although I do realize that my life is pretty UN-eventful. Usually. It helps me to get my feelings on paper (or computer screen), I feel better after I have, and then I don't feel a need to explain myself and my feelings to anyone, not that anyone in my life ever really understands them anyway. H always really tries, but he is clueless in the feeling dept. Seriously, if it's not about his dick or his stomach, he isn't interested.

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