Sunday, January 29, 2017

Things here have quickly..

turned to S H I T.

Yes, my pain is overwhelming ---  but even bigger than that, I have gone from having one critical, dying cat to having two --- and one with a disease that I just now found out about.

I am spending my time trying to get Meisha, my only kitty girl, to eat, drink or take her medications, and we are having nearly zero luck. Meisha is dying, at least so far. Let me back up just a bit and quickly because writing about this is a difficult as talking about it and all I have done since Friday is cry --- the two younger kitties, Mesiha and Tonka, went in for their annual immunizations on Thursday morning. Tonka came back with a diagnosis of Diabetic --- he had lost several pounds and although it didn't hurt him to lose the weight, I knew that something was clearly wrong. Diabetes did not enter my head though, and I felt so stupid because I know the symptoms of it, I know them well. My little sister is diabetic, has been most of her life. So, that blew me away --- and although it seems that he will be okay as long as we give him two shots of insulin each day, I honestly was not prepared for it, and I am sad about it. I do believe it will limit his life span and also his quality of life.So, I was in a funk about that, as well as the fact the the old cat --- Mason --- has been steadily getting worse and I know his days are limited. Yes, he is dying of kidney disease, but he is old and the vet clearly said that we have done everything possible, and that our good care has probably added a year or two to his life. I am sad about him, and I feel anxious about it too _ each morning I am afraid of finding him no longer alive. So....  Thursday evening, I noticed that Meisha was very quiet, not moving much -- you all know how it is when you pick up on something being wrong with your pets --- you just know. Mark said I was imagining things and made me feel very much like I was over reacting but by Friday I knew something was wrong and it wasn't any little reaction to the immunizations like the vet said over the phone. On Saturday morning, very, very early --- Mark left with Meisha in tow, making the two hour trip back to southern Iowa where the vets that we know and love and have used for more than 20 years, beginning when we lived down there. Most likely diagnois --- IMHA. Supposedly very rare in cats, but take a look on the internet at how many people have lost their kitties to it  --  and all of them had it triggered by immunizations. I was shocked. And apparently, there is little that can be done, we are giving her steroids and antibiotics, but honestly --- if she doesn't pee within the next few hours, I don't see how she can go on. I love that little girl, she has always been the quiet one, the no-trouble causer, kind of like the middle child. This is killing me.

Talk about perspective ---- a week ago, Mason was the sickliest cat I could imagine. After watching that little bag of bones jump from the bed to the chair this morning, I realized he is the healthiest kitty in the house. Perspective.


Pray for my kitties --- all of them, and me, because I am so bad at taking care of what needs taking care of..... even though I know that fighting with her to get the medication down her throat is because of wanting to help her --- I feel so bad because she doesn't understand...

I'm out.


LL Cool Joe said...

Oh no I'm so sorry, sounds like you and your cats are going through tough times. :(

Josie Two Shoes said...

Oh Jamie! Tears are running down my face after reading this. I know you love your furkids as much as I do mine, they are family. I just can't believe all this had to hit at once. I am going to pray up a storm for little Meisha, that just maybe it isn't her time to leave yet and she will take a turn for the better. I do know how hard it is to force meds on kitties, they have no idea what's going on. We have to leave her in God's hands. I will pray for the others as well, and most of all for you. There is never an easy time to say goodbye to the babies that we love. Please keep us posted, even with just a line or two. XOXO

Tanzir Rahman said...
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