Thursday, October 13, 2016

Just another day in October---

Okay,so its's been a couple of years since a post. No, I cannot blame it on Facebook, at least, not anymore. I deleted my account there more than a year ago. So --- I guess you could say I have no excuse - other than the fact that my life is spent in pain, every second of every day. I have had so many friends here but most of them have given up on me, with good reason, I understand. I just cannot live like a normal person anymore....even though I pray so hard each and every day to be able to do that. So far, no luck. Six back surgeries in the past two years and I am still in hell. Waiting for my shoulder area bones to fuse so that I can have yet another surgery. Sadly, I live my life trying to get to the next one, hoping that will be the one that works.

Otherwise, my life is good. I still have a husband - heaven knows why - and three kids that still like me. And I have SIX (6) Grandkids!!! SIX!!!!  And they are the reason that I haven't completely given up. They range in age from 7 to two weeks old. Five are boys -- LOL -- and one little girl that is about 18 months. If I am able to do anything, it is for them.

So, just a short update --- I just am not up to any more right now. Just saying that I am still breathing, if anyone is still looking. I understand if not --  after this long, who remembers?

If I have any readers, thank you. Have a great day --- big hugs.



Coffeypot said...

Well I am still here. And believe it or not, I was wondering about you last week. I am sorry for all you are going through but glad you are still with us. And it is good to see you posting again. No need for lengthy post. Just step in and say ola ever now and then.

Josie Two Shoes said...

My heart truly leaped for joy when I saw your blog post popping up in my feed. Jamie? Is it really Jamie?! You don't know how often I think about you and wish for an update such as this just to know you are still hanging in there. Forget about you, never? You kept me going at a time when my life was at it's lowest! XOXO

I am sad that you continue to endure so much pain and suffering, and I want to believe that one of these surgeries will give you some long awaited relief at last! Hard as it is, you are finding the will to get through each day and believe that just maybe there is hope ahead. We never know what miracles God has planned for you!

How wonderful that you now have SIX delightful grandchildren to give you reasons to smile. Would love to see photos when and if you are able. And one is just brand new! It seems so long ago that you were awaiting the arrival of your very first grandson!

Your husband and your children love you, they will always be there. I love you too! I am still blogging at I have a private journal as well, and if you feel like blog reading, let me know! Please drop by here more often even if only with a sentence or two, you matter to us.

Are you able to get outside in the beautiful fall weather before it turns cold up there? Do you still have your kittys?

Thank you so much for the update, I will keep you in my prayers! <3

Jamie said...

Oh Coffey --- what a great guy you always were and remain to be. I think of you, too --- wonder how you and all the old blogger friends are, Thank you so much for coming by. You have no idea how much it means to me. Jamie

And Josie --- your message made me cry. Thank you for remembering me, and so many details of my life. I think of you often. Happy to see that all is still well in your world, Yes, let me know where to find your other blog, I will do my best to keep up. Please know I love you --- Jamie

Josie Two Shoes said...

Hi, hi, hi! :-) I was sitting here in the quiet this morning and just noticed your comment on my blog post and I squealed for joy, waking all the snoozing kitties gathered around me! It was so kind of you to drop by, I know how much energy it takes when so much is required just to go thru the motions. Pop over to this other blog and check it out :-) Take care and update this place now and then, even with a line or two. Prayers headed your way always! Let's believe that 2017 is going to be the year God turns life around for you! XOXO Feel free to email me anytime too, (or any of the other email addresses you see on my blogs, Google seems to want us to have a collection of them!

Vicki said...

Hey Jamie I have been thinking about you... Then I run across your blog.. Time dues fly.. so much has been going on.. Life is crazy, seven grand babies, that's so cool.. We still have the ranch, even got us a couple horse...I hope you remember me...

Rebecca said...

Hey lady. Seems a few of us here have been on hiatus. Glad you're back and hope you're well. Contemplating my first post in a long while as well.