Friday, June 10, 2011

Stuff and stuff and stuff and WIENER

I am scattered here and there so far this morning, who knows how this post will be?

I woke up way out of sorts this morning, first of all, my alarm has quit working - I use my phone and I'm sure I have unset it somehow along the way. I didn't really need to get up at that unholy hour anyway....I go in to the j-o-b late today...and work way late--til five-thirty. I don't usually mind doing it, but this day could end up being very interesting, as I am hobbling around, about half stooped over. I hurt my back and right arm late yesterday, carrying groceries and other things from my car to the apartment. By far, the carrying issue living here, is the worst the deal with. I knew when I put it all down on the island in my kitchen that I had done some damage, but I had hoped it would improve over night. Not so much. It took a pill and a half to make it bearable this morning, and honestly, I am wondering how in the hell I am going to get through this day. Not going in to work is not an option, one of the girls is out on vacation. Being alone at that job is very difficult if not impossible, especially from bells to bells and I just can't do that to the one that will be there. So...wish me luck, okay?

It rained. And rained. And then rained some more. This area has had just over five inches of rain, in the previous twenty-four hour period. Of course, all of that wet was joined by thunder, lightening, wind, and hail. It makes for very bad sleeping. The noise and light show freaks out my ktties, and they will not leave me all night, I had one or both of them pawing at me, telling me to wake up and do something about it. I did not know that cats were afraid of storms, and when I did find that out---it used to be they hid under the bed. Not anymore. Mom is the fixer of all things, so why can't I make that stop? Apparently having my hand on them makes it I am tired on top of all my glory this morning.

I am hungry for my mom's potato salad and burgers on the grill.I don't even eat meat, usually. Occasionally, a girl just has to have a good hamburger I may be forced to eat one. As for the potato salad --ugh, too much crap in it to be any kind of good for you...and I will just have to forgo that one. I can make my mom's recipe, but it just isn't the same. She was the master. I miss you mom. And not just for your food.  :)

Since I am unable to walk (I mean really WALK), or work out at the gym lately, I have been trying to adjust my intake daily to keep from gaining any weight back. So far, it's fine. But then --- my stupid doctor that I saw this week, jumped on me for my BMI being too low. What? I have worked hard to get  it down where it is, and no way am I going to purposely gain. Good heavens, what it he talking about? It is at 19.6--according to him, and all of the fitness experts say that anything over 18.5 is perfectly fine. I told him there is a big difference between being at this weight through no effort, and working really hard, HEALTHFULLY to get to this point. I do not have osteoporosis and my bone density test results were wonderful. (it was the first test I have aced, medically in like, FOREVER). So, no. I am not going to change my current status, not if I can help it.

I love Ann Curry and I am happy that she took over on the Today show.

Lots of things happening this weekend and I have no idea how any of it will shake out. Hopefully I will be able to at least DO something. Next weekend --- I work. I will be in the finance office from Wednesday evening to Saturday evening. Long hours, and I have my regular job on top. It will work out fine, it always does...but it does stress me out a bit.

I am SO effing tired of the word... WIENER. Good hell, give it up already.

And I have to get UP. And get moving. Now. Oh help me, I hurt. Happy Friday...Here I go.  :)


kristi said...

My coworker said her cats freak everytime it storms too. Scaredy cats!! LOL. Hope you make it okay, my hubby has serious back issues and his job is so physical, I feel bad for him.

ain't for city gals said...

Get through today and then don't worry about doing anything for the weekend...seriously. I don't know how you do it with chronic pain and working a full time job would just about do me in!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Hope your back is improving, I had back surgery back in 1989 and it still plays up at times.,
Regarding thunder storms I used to not like them then I lived in Spain where they have the most horrendous storms so have got used to the ones we get.

Enjoy your week-end.

Lena said...

Hope your Friday was better than u expected it to be. Now it is the weekend! I hope you can spend some time resting up and getting your back to feel a little better.

You move full steam ahead even when you can't. Inspiring.

Leann said...

Good morning Jamie, I hope your feeling a bit better than you were yesterday. Take the weekend and relax just for you. You deserve it.
Hugs my dear and blessings to you.

Gypsy Dancer said...

I feel so bad for you Jamie but I know you will survive the day because that's what you do. You are a survivor of the highest order. Even your cats look to you to fix everything. My BMI is about the same as yours and I feel great. Doctors don't always know everything.

Cheryl said...

Its Sunday morning, so of course you got through your Friday. Somehow. I know you said you have a busy weekend, but hopefully you've taken some time to rest and recover. We all know you do too much, but I understand it. It's hard not to want to do everything you've always done.

Its been dry as a bone here. I spend an half hour every night watering my garden. I wish it would rain every night.

I wish you were sitting on my porch with me, just relaxing.

Joyce said...

Jamie, thanks for stopping by. A 19.6 BMI is outstanding, somthing you should really be proud of. That is a difficult thing to achieve when you can't do physical activity. I miss my Mom and her cooking too, she was a good old fashioned southern cook and I wish I had learned more of her recipes before she was gone. But I did get her recipe box and I am trying to work my way through it. Hope you have a good week.

Theres just life said...

Jamie, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope your back is feeling better, I pulled my out this past week as well.
A good thing to do is alternate hot and cold therapy. 20 min hot, 20 min. cold and 20 min. rest. Most people will tell you to soak in a tub of Epson salts or apple cider vinegar (both good for muscle aches) but if your back is damaged, getting out of the tub after the muscles have relaxed can do it more harm.
I have had chronic back problems and was a massage and pain management therapist for years.

Be careful and get to feeling better soon.

Pamela Jo

Theres just life said...

Oh I forgot. When you lay down, take a bath towel and fold it so that it is about 5 inches wide and put it at the small of your back. It will help the muscles relax. It also works great is you sleep on your side. It helps keep your spin in the correct position.

Pamela Jo

Raine said...

I'm hoping that you have recuperated over the weekend and are feeling much better

Anonymous said...

Hey Jamie...See this is exactly why mother's day, her birthday, the holidays don't hold any more sadness for me than say...June15 when it comes to missing mom. You used a great example of how that awfulness can sweep through your gut at any time. and, then you are just in a trance for minutes trying to reoncile the sadness and how deep it's going to go this time. I'm tired of Weiner also but I'm tired, real tired of 'sex toys'. What an awful combination of words. Toys are innocent. It like 'porn cartoons'. Just wrong to me. be well