Monday, May 09, 2011

Monday, Monday

A wonderful day yesterday. I heard from each of my kiddos, even Craig who is in Colorado --- BUT WILL BE HERE TOMORROW!

I had a great dinner--- the one I told  you I would make a pig of myself with, but I didn't. As great as it was, I couldn't eat all of it, but believe me, the leftovers are waiting for me as we speak,

The first pic is before cooking, the second, my plate. I KNOW!

I went to Target and bought frames for pics of.....grandsons, what else? While I was there, I saw a perfect print for my bloggy friend Cindi Ann --- as this is the name of her blog, after all:

Sorry it's sideways Cindi - I am already running late and didn't have time to edit. But yes, you know  you need this.  :)

Then, I spent the remainder of the day reading, relaxing, being so very lazy. It was great.

And it's back to work this morning. I cannot wait for my Craig to get here tomorrow evening, he will be here until Saturday. I miss him so this will be great.

Have a wonderful Monday.  I'm late.  :)


C.A. said...

OMG....I want that!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I also want the food though....that probably doesn't surprise you either!

I hope you have a great, pain free week, Jamie!

Big Hugs...


JY said...

that food just looks too sinful... hmmm... have a very good time with your son!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Lovely pics of the food and I so hopee you have an enjoyable time with your son.

Have Fun


Leann said...

The food looks absolutely yummy and I'm sure makes wonderful leftovers :-)

Enjoy your son's visit and I too, hope you have a relatively pain free week.

Hugs my dear friend. Blessed be.

Cheryl said...

Love your label for this post!!

I'm so excited that Craig is coming today. Have fun!

kristi said...

OMG that food looks soo good. I just put a roast in the oven and my hubby is cooking omelets right now. So glad you get to see your son. Have a blast!

Love the "keep calm and carry on" I am soooooo using that one!