Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sooner or Later

Today is going to be a good day. I can't tell you all how much I love waking up in my little place on the weekends, sitting down at my computer, catching up with my friends, no place to BE all day long. My coffee tastes like heaven on Saturday and Sunday. My kitties seem to know that today is a day to be spent with them. They are taking advantage of it already, as I have had both of them on my lap at one time, each fighting for the prominent place.

I have had a blog post in my head for a couple of days now, nothing special to say, just things going on in and around my life.

I went on a "date" last evening. With the guy I used to call new man, then I referred to as old man--not because of his age, but because I called it over last fall. He has not let it go since then, emails and roses and such, now and then. So--we went out again, this time with rules. Not that he's following any of them. I had a good time, but wanted to be home early. We had started the evening with drinks at a pub downtown, and then we were to have dinner. He asked what /where I felt like eating, I honestly told him that I wanted oatmeal from Mickey D's. (Yes, I am that cheap of a date). So that's what we had and I was home by nine pm in the blessed evening. I liked it that way. I had gone shopping earlier in the day and finally found jeans that are my size only long enough and the red cashmere sweater I wore looked pretty good, even if I do say so myself. All in all, a great evening. I like him. That is all. And if he isn't satisfied with that, then it's his fault--I will not feel guilty about it any longer.

I am finally doing something I have always wanted to do. It is on my mental list of things to do before I die. I am purchasing a handgun - and learning to shoot. I am scheduled for the conceal and carry class next Saturday. I have no desire to be a marksman or anything of that sort, but I would like to know enough about a gun and how to handle it to not be afraid of them. New/old man is taking me out in two weeks for practice. I will become a legal owner of the gun, of course. The only real purpose is protection, not that I think I have any reason to need it. But this world is a scary place and the fact is no one knows what will happen to or in our country anymore. I could be all extreme here, because I sort of worry that we will be led to the extreme, but reality tells me that is extreme. But I do have a desire to make use of my second amendment rights. So this will be pretty great.

I have been looking for a new apartment. My lease won't be up until September but the apartment building that I live in in now in foreclosure--and that is really all I know about it, other than the fact that since this has happened, there has been little if any care to the place. A couple of weeks ago, I came home to find that all of the building's furniture was gone, repossesed, I am assuming. I do not like the way it looks or feels here any longer. The whole complex is emptying out, too much money required for the retail businesses to stay. I am not planning on moving now, but should i need to, it just makes sense to be prepared. I found a place I LOVE and want to move to, today. But I am still tied up in my current lease, so I am just taking the position that I need to have a plan in place, just in case. I hate the idea of moving but it will be necessary, maybe sooner rather than later. I am sort of over the flashy-fun-urban-beautiful-showplace type of home. It has been great, oh it has been wonderful. But I am really ready for carpet on most of the floors, a window that actually opens up in the bedrooms..maybe a bit more comfort rather than flash. So, either way, now or later, I will be looking and moving to a much more homey kind of place, a place that Brodie and Zachary can play in...with out being on these beautiful but oh so hard to keep up and freezing cold dark wood floors.

Speaking of Brodie and Zachary - I spent the day with them and their beautiful momma yesterday. Janelle and I haven't had much time to be together recently so it was great. My babies are growing so fast and learning so much. There is nothing on this earth sweeter than hearing Brodie yell for "Me maw", unless of course, it would be the heart melting smile on Zachary's face.

And I have been writing this post since early this morning, writing a bit, then doing something else, then coming back to it. I have lots to get done today, but little energy and lots of pain. Thank God for medications. I will prevail.

I am thinking about taking a vacation, just me and my kindle. I haven't decided where or when, but May or early June sounds good. Finances will limit my options but three or four nights away - alone - sounds really great. Any ideas? Remember. I will be alone and won't have wheels with me, as I want to fly. So it needs to be somewhat inclusive...I welcome any input. I have never done something like this alone and really welcome the opportunity.

And I suppose I should get to it---lots to get done. I have lived like a slob recently and need to get it all put back in order. I want to make soup. And I want to get out and do a bit of shopping, or at least looking - I am needing ideas for the dining area in my place.

Happy Sunday. :)


kristi said...

I hate moving!! Good luck on finding a new place.

kristi said...
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Leann said...

It's nice to hear you had a good time with new/old guy :-) He knows the rules, all you have to do is show up :-) No guilt.

I hope you enjoy your window shopping today. I am in the same mind set. I want to redo a bit of the apartment. Hopefully that will take care of the Spring Fever.

Babies calling for Me just does not get any better than that :-)

Have a blessed day Jamie.

Coffeypot said...

If you want to come to Atlanta, Judy and I have a great room waiting for you and you will have the run of the house and either the use of the car or a chauffer if you need it. No hassle!

Janie Fox said...

Aww vacation. Go somewhere warm and veg...I love that idea. And grandbabies oh, you are right nothing better,, not even sunshine and vacation beats them. Have a great week!

Cheryl said...

You fit so much in this post! Let me start by saying boo hoo to being sick! Hopefully the doctor put you on meds and they work fast.

If you can have a good time with new/old guy, then great. It's good to have new company. If he gets too heavy, he knows what you'll do. I wonder how this will play out?

It's too bad your apartment is in foreclosure, though it's going to get you to move someplace you like better. Would it be terribly expensive to break your lease and get to the new place you love? I can't imagine your having to move again. What a lot of work! I remember this move. Is Mark planning to go too?

I'm excited you're going to take a trip. I don't have any suggestions other than warm and palm trees.

I've never thought of getting a gun. Wow. Now you gave me food for thought.

They just called my next client. Gotta run. Feel better!