Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rubber chickens to you

Ahh....St Patrick's Day. The wearing of the green. Corned beef and cabbage. Green beer. Being pinched in grade school. Shamrocks. (What the hell is a shamrock, anyway?) Do you know that in my many (many) years of living, I have never had green beer? Not that it's on my bucket list or anything, just stating a fact. Ever year, I plan to, every year...I don't. Last year, my youngest invited me to go out and have green beer with him. I turned him down, as I feel I am just a bit too old an out of it to partake. Maybe it's time I re-think?

The sun has been shining here in farmville usa. The temps have actually reached 60 gredees a time or two. Spring is on the way outside, and inside---my soul is beginning to sing! I wither and die in the cold but my inside is beginning to come alive. I feel like a hibernating bear, just coming alive for the year. It is time to do things---after work, I have an appointment for a pedicure. I am so ready to show the toes! Last evening I was actually able to walk outside. It felt really wonderful. Suddenly I have all these plans to do the little things, the things that I have been avoiding doing since last fall. I want to walk from here to there, look around, take some pics, do some shopping, do some living. Ahh spring...don't let me down. Show yourself for the long haul, don't play with my heart. This is not the time to be fickle. (don't you just love that word---fickle? Anything that rhymes with pickle is okay in my book).

I feel silly, almost giddy, could it be? Really could it be that happiness is once again seeping into my thoughts, my heart? I want to shout "underpants" to the world and laugh and laugh...well, that word is funny to me. I want to squeeze that damned rubber chicken. Both of these things make me giggle. Stupid, yes. But so necessary.

What makes you giggle? What word or thing or action brings out the child in you? Maybe you like to make armpit farts. Or maybe you find true giggles in a real fart? Take a minute and help me make a list of the stupid that makes you belly laugh.

Have a very happy St Pattie's day. Wear green...even if it's just green underpants. Wouldn't want to be pinched. :)


C.A. said...

James, I like you all giddy like this. Spring is indeed a good thing. Your sentiments echo mine exactly.

A good belly laugh is generally a daily thing for me. I never know what's going to cause it. Yesterday it was because one of my Doc's folded up a piece of paper with an x-ray result and flew it at me like a paper airplane. Yup. Medicine is realllll serious business.

Enjoy the warmth today, Sister!



JY said...

Glad to see you happy...! It's almost spring and things are looking better. Things are pretty bad here...but right now where we are things are ok. This disaster will take months / years to fix. Oh well...

kristi said...

Loooooving this time change. I can actually come home and go outdoors, and that makes me happy!
Happy St Patty's Day

Cheryl said...

Feeling spring here too! Yea. I hope to get a walk in today. I will do that, actually.

I only had green beer once. In college on St. Patrick's Day, of course. Got horribly drunk. It left a memory, not to be repeated.

Enjoy this day!

Janie Fox said...

Laughing is a steady thing around here. We are a goofy bunch. I hear on Spring... finally here or dern close. I say underpants and my bff cackles. I cringe when she says panties. My husband calls them shorts. At least I am not commando so I guess all is good! Enjoy the sunshine!

Golden To Silver Val said...

I can identify with so much of what you're saying. YES! The weather is inviting me to also do silly things. I think its from being cooped up all winter with the gloom and doom of dreary days or temps so cold your nose hairs froze. Its going to 60 today and the sun is shining brightly. The windows are going open and the house is definitely getting aired out today. What word tickles me? Toejam. It brings to mind hour giggling session with a girlfriend over that silly word. Even now...over 50 years still makes me smile. (what the hell IS it anyway....or is it anything at all. Maybe its just a made-up word. oh well, it does its job...and makes me giggle). Have a wonderful day, dear friend. xo

Jules said...

macaroni, canasta and flatulence..

I love watching you mid-westerners wake up from your winter sleep!!

Erin go brau' (I have no idea what that means. Add it to my list of wacky words.)

Mary said...

Spring is for giggles and feeling free. It's that time of year. What makes me giggle? Harry's "Watch this" causes me to giggle even before I "watch this." It's always something silly or wild. The dead-pan look that he gives me (when I laugh until I cry at his antics) only makes me laugh all the more.

It's good to know the spring feel better bug has bitten you. Keep rolling. Luv

Leann said...

I don't think I've ever celebrated St. Paddy's day. Ever. How sad is that?

Enjoy your rubber chicken and other such things that give you belly laughs :-)

Hugs friend :-)

Coffeypot said...

Drink the damn green beer...if you drink beer. You are not too old to partake of the emerald brew. I'm 66 going on 40 and I plan on sucking the bottom out of a tankard of green beer tonight when Judy and I finish our walk. It’s not required, nor will I pee green. It’s just a fun thing to do. You are coming alive with the rebirth of the earth, so add a little to you life by haveing something new and fun.

Oldy said...

Good god, woman, I never thought I'd be jealous of Iowa. It is still winter HELL here. I am soo ,soooooo sick of it :(

Picture it, about a month ago....I was all alone in this cheap store called "Tiger" ,I see this hideous brown thing hanging on a display rack. I say to myself "What in the hell IS that?"

Upon closer inspection ,I see that it is an ugly pile of fake dog poo.This has me cackling out loud ,wandering through the store.

(winter crazies?)

Of course I bought some! I cackled at the thought of my husband discovering it on the floor ,for the remainder of the day.
After he got home I strategically placed the offending lump on the bathroom floor.I chuckled out loud to myself as I saw him enter the bathroom.I waited for his schocked outburst of "What in the hell is THIS?"
It never came.
He finally exits the bathroom and calmly says "you expected me to fall for that? it doesn't even smell."

What a killjoy.

Note to self: next time rub some cat feces on fake dog poo.

P.s . I too have never had green beer :(


Smocha said...

That was me in that last post. I signed into the wrong google. senile,you know.