Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Today I will close the books on what turned out to be a very profitable month at the J-O-B. Usually February is not the greatest in the car biz, but the family I work for these past two years generally beat the business "rules" and do well no matter when or what circumstances. It's a good thing for all involved, and it is awesome for my bank account. Which is perfect timing, as the car bought last week for the youngest left me in a bit of a financial pickle. So, although I hate the month of February, this one just past is at least lucrative. Once the stress of this day is behind me, I will feel much better. By the time I got home last night my brain was complete mush and thinking was out of the question. So was staying awake, apparently. One more more day.

My weekend was stressful, and I am frankly happy it's behind me. The issues at hand of course revolved around my kids - one in particular, and they left me worn out and weak and tired. One more lesson learned, for the kid I mean, or at least I hope. On top of that, the weekend had been reserved to begin new medications, and they didn't work at all. At one point, I honestly thought the new drugs were meant to kill me, but I survived and called the doc on Monday. Back to the old tried and true and I am happy about it. Friday, I am scheduled for a double MRI, which is no big deal but I will be in that machine for a very long time, and it's difficult. With contrast, without, cervical and lumbar. The story should then be known, and most likely, surgery will be in my future. Last year, when this subject was approached, I was not interested. This year, I know it's time. I cannot continue this way. Most likely more neck surgery will be needed but damned if I know what they can do that hasn't been done already. Already the new doc is pushing for the spinal stimulator, which I am not a fan of. That is a machine that is actually inserted into your body, right above the cheek of your rear end, that has electrodes implanted all along the spine. The machine is operated with a remote and the electrodes put out a signal which interferes and confuses the pain signals. Yes, it works well for my sister. No, I do not want it. For many reasons, but I will go into those another time.

And so.

Happy Hump day to all. March is here, and yesterday the temp hit fifty. It was a fleeting thing, as today we are back to winter, but even one day allows me to remember what is ahead. :) I'm out.


Coffeypot said...

This was a cold and dreary February. I'm glad it's over, too. Sorry you cannot find the right balance in your meds. Hope they find one that you can tolerate soon.

Raine said...

I think I would be a bit nervous over the idea of having such a thing installed myself.

Jules said...

Let me be the FIRST to bid you a "happy sucky Thursday."

Mary said...

Jamie, I'm sorry the new drugs didn't work out. Maybe the MRI will indicate a successful solution. We pray that it does.

Leann said...

It's late in the day but "Happy Sucky Thursday".

I too would be hesitant to have a machine inserted into my body. Hearing that your sister has it as well I am 'assuming' what you have is genetic. If it works for your sister what is your hesitation in using it yourself?

Being nosy trying to ascertain exactly what's going on :-)

Lena said...

It is great that Feb. boosted your bank account! Feb. is such a drab month so it is nice to have a perk like that.

Sorry the meds didn't work out. I don't blame you either for not wanting a machine in your body. I was surprised to hear that your sister has one, too.

Have a good week!