Thursday, February 24, 2011

A trip down memory lane

So much happening in this head of mine this morning. Pain is number one on my brain, after that, it's antibody's guess what will come out of this mouth of mine.

I have new medications to take the place of the ones I have been on for the past couple of years. One to add to the mix, one to replace. The problem? Both had to be ordered, and won't be in for another day or two. I KNOW! They said a week when the one was dropped off. And I don't go to some podunk little pharmacy, I go to Target, for heavens sake. It makes me wonder what the hell I am going to be taking, and why is no one else near me taking it? I have of course, looked it up, there seems to be nothing unusual about either of them, although I expect they will be uber-expensive. I was given a "coupon" by the dr himself, to keep the deductible portion of my insurance to $25. I wonder what the regular price will be? The pharmacist at my Target is kind of a you-know what, so I often wonder if that's part of the problem here. She clearly does not like me, although she has never actually said that, most likely because she doesn't speak. AT all. She is deaf, and can't talk, unless with sign language. She is honest-to-God beautiful. And quite a B-I-*-*-*. I was once in a little "altercation" with her, over my newly pregnant and completely depressed, hormonal, struggling daughter, (several years ago), who had a prescription for an anti-depressant that was extremely necessary or she sure as hell would not have been taking it. This deaf, beautiful, mute little pharmacist took it upon herself to caution this daughter and her mother on the issues of taking such medications when one is pregnant. Through an interpreter, she kept insisting that taking this was not a good thing for the baby. Yes, it is her job to do just that, and I was appreciative and thanked her for it, as my horrified, sad, hormonal, life-messed-up daughter stood by, and cried, as she had lost a baby not too long in the distant past. After I thanked her for the information and tried to console my now really fear-stricken daughter, I stood and waited for the medication. The woman continued. She badgered. SHE WOULD NOT SHUT UP. Now, obviously--we are thinking individuals that realize the risk, but other issues were more of a risk and frankly, the daughter was going to the VERY BEST high-risk pregnancy doctor on the planet, if she thought it okay, the damned little pharmacist was not going to make my girl feel any worse. So, I nearly jumped over the counter, told her to quiet her mouth and fill the damned prescription. (Yeah--I still have it, when I need to.)

I often wonder if the pharmacist remembers. Hmmmm....

Perhaps that has maybe something to do with the issues I frequently have at this pharmacy?

Happy sucky Thursday. :)


Golden To Silver Val said...

There's already too much stress in sure shouldn't have to take abuse from a pharmacist when you have a SPECIALIST prescribing. I think I would change. There are just too many places to get meds nowadays. Back when my dad was soooo sick, there was only ONE place in town that carried morphine at the time, which had been prescribed. (22 yrs ago) It was in a grocery store! Who knew? Hope the new meds work well for you I'm going through issues too right now. Hugs.

Vicki said...

Oh jaime that is awful.....yes I think I would find a didn't pharmist,i go to cvs, it is out of the way, but they are good...big hugs, see you fb post,, we will come

Cheryl said...

A sucky Thursday with full on pain for our Jamie. Wah! Is there anything that you have on hand that can help? I"m so sorry for this monkey on your back.

Leann said...

Sometimes those chips that rest on people's shoulders not only skew their body alignment but also their mental capacity. I would love to have been a fly on the wall when you knocked a piece of that chip right off her know it all shoulder.

Blessed be.