Saturday, February 05, 2011

Quandaries abound

I have had a million things to write about all week long, now that I am here, the inspiration is gone. Mostly, I am sitting here prolonging leaving for the gym, motivation has not been my friend this week. I have fought the cold and the neverfreakin'ending pain all week long. I have struggled through each and every task, putting off any and all that could be put off, mostly just working, coming home and sleeping. I have got to stop the trend today. TODAY, dammit.

I have spent more time this week declining offers of fun than any time I can remember. I have had some very seriously fun opportunities, and it pisses me off to give in to my limitations. I am supposing that's called maturity, or maybe stupidity? I keep telling myself there will be plenty of fun things to do when this 'effin winter is over, but really---how many winters do we all have left? We are only allowed so many in our lives and to stop living and doing anything we enjoy seems foolish. I used to keep on but I can't anymore. In my logical head, this is the signal to move to a location that has no winters, but there are a couple of very good reasons I cannot do that. One is named Brodie, the other is named Zach. So another quandary. Where would we all be without quandaries?

February is short for a reason. Enough said.

Happy Saturday. And I mean it. My tone sounds sad, but I'm honestly not. A girl just has to vent somewhere.


Lena said...

Those are the two excellent reasons for staying put and putting up with winter. Thank goodness you have them to bring you some sunshine!

Hope the day perks up for you. Every day that passes brings us closer to spring. (I keep telling myself that.)

Leann said...

Those are two very valid reasons to stay where you are. I've moved away from the Grandkids before and it's not very much fun. I hope you are able to move past the pain and at least accept a few 'fun' invitations. You are correct, if we wait out the weather, especially when it is so much a part of the climate, we never get to do anything~~

Love ya and God bless your day. Leann

Jules said...

A girl just does.... You vent away... Will you be watching the Superbowl?? Whatever you do, have a great Sunday!

Cheryl said...

You live in a cold state. Why? I don't remember if you're a native. Will you write about it sometime? What do you love about Iowa? Besides your family, of course. I know what you don't like...winter. What's it like to live there?

Sorry you had to pass up on so many fun things. Hope you found happiness elsewhere. I just found it in a bowl of ice cream :)