Sunday, January 30, 2011

Clumsy, klutzy and otherwise hard on stuff

I am having a great weekend...a weekend of extremes, though. Random thoughts, quiet time, focused work, crazy loud family time, not being able to get around without looking and walking like a complete fool, walking two miles at the gym and then doing fifteen minutes on the most fun eliptical machine. A completely trashed apartment, a clean version of the same. No balance on a particular department store credit card, a credit card with a healthy balance over two hundred dollars...just extremes. I have had the best of intentions this weekend and then been my own worst enemy and nearly destroyed, broke, messed up or otherwise made a mess of my own place. A couple of things have remained constant nearly insatiable appetite, and my pain level which remains up there around nine on the scale. I just ate the best McDonalds oatmeal and wish I had started with that instead of the grazing I did over the bowl of various chocolate candies that is a permanent fixture in my living room. Bleh.

So, I came home from work early on Friday, I was having my little sis Shell, her husband Rob, and their daughter, Carli over for the night and my house did not look company ready. Both Janelle and family and Jordy and Tegan were coming to dinner as well, for carry out Pizza Hut pizza, just to clear up any thoughts that I would actually cook for this event. I was having a rough day physically but as the afternoon wore on and I finished the sweeping, vacuuming, dusting and other domestic chores, I felt pretty worn out, but decent. I often like to go up to the landing of my stairs when the sun is going down and look over the ledge at my rooms below, the sun is so beautiful through the windows, especially in my now beautifully clean apartment. As I was standing there, I noticed that the dust on the wood ledge was noticeable, so I thought I would just give it a swipe from end to end with my sweat shirt sleeve, because I am just clever like that. I had my shoes in my hand because I was taking them up to the closet, so I just sat them on one end of the ledge so that I could swipe the other end. However, in my hasty movement, one shoe decided to fall below....right onto my newly shiny and beautifully dusted dark wood end table. Which had a warmed up and smelling heavenly scentsy-pot full of the prettiest pink wax sitting on it. Which was the target of my falling shoe. OOOOOOOOOMYYYYYYYYGOSSSSH--wax flew everyfreakin'place. EVERYPLACE. On both walls, all over the table..puddles of wax on the table, wax on the wireless speaker and stand in the corner, on the floor, on my shoe, in my hair..and I was a whole story above. Sweet Mother of was the biggest mess I have made in a hugely long time, maybe the biggest ever. And I wanted to cry. Or swear.

I did neither. I just started trying to clean the colossal mess up. Nothing would take that shit off the walls. Nothing except scraping. So I scraped with my nails and I scraped with various tools...and I scraped some more. I swiped and vacuumed and rubbed and scraped some more. Finally, literally an hour later, I had one wall okay, the table clean, the shoe, my hair and the floor clean. Wax is still all over the white wall and the speaker. And right now I don't give a damn. I will deal with it one evening this week. But the now broken scentsy freakin' pot is in the garbage. See, this truly is why I don't have nice things. I am about as clumsy as any human being could be. Grrr...

By the time everyone arrived I could barely hobble across the floor of my place. I suppose from all the scrubbing and scraping and vacuuming, and that made me so mad. I could barely enjoy the people that I had over, even my grandsons. I had a wonderful time and my daughter has become so sweet to help me, but I wanted to cry with pain. By the next morning though, I was so much better and able to carry on somewhat normally. I did end up having a great day with my sis, we did some shopping for her and me and bought quite a few things for Carli. I love buying for that kid, she gets so excited.

Once my company left last evening, I had it to do all over again, I looked around at my place and it was pretty bad. My own sweet sis admits she is a trainwreck on a house, and once they were gone, I needed to do a little sweeping and such. I had so much fun though, it was worth it. I got up early this morning and headed to the gym, I got the few household things that needed doing finished early, and I got myself cleaned up and looking presentable as well. I then put my jammies on and I am enjoying the most wonderful relaxing day. Happy Sunday, y'all. :)


kristi said...

Wow..sorry about the mess but yeah for good family time!

Lena said...

I so know that feeling of pushing myself past my threshold and then suffering from the pain. I miss my youth when everything was working the way it was supposed to!

Smocha said...

Sounds too busy to me. Or maybe i'm just lazy.

One time O'reilly sent a vat of red melted wax crashing all over my office ,picture the red wax running all over the wall and speakers. I will tell you how to get it take a dry iron (no steam) and some paper towels , you place the paper towels on the wax , iron the paper towel,replace the towels with clean ones ,iron,repeat until the wax is gone.

Fun times :)

Happy Monday!

Cheryl said...

I felt tired just reading all that. Oh what a day. What a terrible thing with that wax. But what a great time with your family. And you pushed through the pain, as usual.

Can you take it a little easy this week? Please?

Leann said...

I'm so glad you were feeling better on Sunday and hope that has carried through to today. Family time is so wonderful and precious. I'm truly glad you enjoyed it and were able to spend time with your sister's family.

I'm with Cheryl in that it exhausted me just reading everything you did! Geesh.

I concur with Smocha on the wax removal. It works great.

Blessings sent your way and hugs just for being you! (real hugs!)