Saturday, February 19, 2011

Effed up Friday.

Yesterday was the day from hell. Seriously.

It began with a downtown trip to see a new doctor. A referral from my neurologist/pain management doc, because he is moving his practice a couple of hours from me, and will no longer be my pain management doc, just my neuro. So, I went to this appointment alone. Which I have been doing lately, like a big girl. I have NEVER been one to take anyone IN the dr's office with me, I do not like crowds in that tiny room, and it has always been my belief that they take you much more seriously if you are solo. So, I drove there in the middle of a damned traffic jam due to the state wrestling championship MOB is in town. I KNOW! It took me forever to get there, and the jam was not doing my nerves a bit of good. I was already uncertain of where I was going, and seeing any doctor, let alone a new one is reason for my insides to jangle around. So, double jangling going on in there. Upon arrival, I had to pee in a cup. JUST to make sure I wasn't doing any sort of unknown-read that illegal-type of drugs. Seriously? I would be, if I had access. But I don't, so I haven't. Then the mountain of paperwork, including a neat little contract, between the doctor and me, signed by me, before I have even met him. Yes, I thought that a little strange too. But sign it, I did. Then the dreaded scale. Oh how I despise that damned scale. It is an ominous piece of equipment, all in denial of itself, because it's decked out in white shiny metal. This one is digital and I didn't even flinch, just hopped right on, and low and behold----126.3 on the dr's scale! They always consistently weigh five pounds heavier than any place else on earth. I was somewhat eased by that. The nurse decided to inform me now that the doc is running way late. WAY late. So, they put me in a little room to wait out the wait. And so I wait. And wait and then I wait some more.

Fast forward to the end of our first "date", as this adorable man, that is now my doc called it. New MRI's ordered. Serious belief that I need some sort of neck surgery, as all the signs in my legs point to trouble. Big trouble. And all the signs (signs being reflexes that either are overworking or not working at all) in my arms mean something bad happening in my lower back. Of course, it was mentioned that all the trouble could be coming from my brain. Not my spine at all. BINGO. Instant fear, instant ice in my gut, instant "somehow I knew that but didn't want to know it" feeling. So, entire spine, top to bottom, one with contrast, one without, ordered and nurse will call me next week with the deets. New medications, all around. One is so strange the pharmacy won't have it 'til Monday. New hope for the drug issues I currently have, but fear too, as new drugs and I often don't work well. I left the doc's office more than three hours after I entered. Oh hell, I know. Late in the first place, this doc is nothing if not thorough.

Off to work. And about a thousand conversations with my youngest who was having a really bad day, even before his transmission went out in his car. Lunch with him, a quick check of the car in the garage at work to confirm the suspicions, and then back to work to try and get something done. No luck of course, the car left him stranded on the drive home. So I left to rescue him and now am searching for something that we can afford, which is little, that will get him from point a to point b. Nope this isn't my problem, not officially, but I will help him, it is my job, no need to tell me otherwise. He is in no position to do it on his own, whether he should be or not.

Had a bit of an issue with middle child, a financial one, that I am trying to help with. No money needed, just my guarantee of payment. Stressful, stressful, stressful.

I came home and died in my chair.

I just realized that I cannot go to the gym this morning, my youngest has my car. Crap.

Oh well, there is no better excuse, I guess. :) So, I will get out and walk just before sunrise, that will be better anyway.

I love Saturday. And this is yea for me! This day will be better. I'm out.


Leann said...

Now see, those types of days are suppose to be the Sucky Thursdays :-)

I hear you on the kids. I help them when everyone else I know sez it is not my problem. I make it my problem. They are my offspring. I love helping them when I am able.

I hope your Saturday is blissfully peaceful and that the new meds do more help than harm.

Hugs and blessings to you on this beautiful Saturday morning.

kristi said...

Hope you have a great day today to make up for that sucktastic day yesterday!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Don't you just hate it when people try and shame you for helping your kids....saying stuff like 'they need to stand on their own two feet', etc. etc. The way I see it...I'll help as much as I'm able...they will have plenty of time to stand on their own after I'm gone.
Next time you go to the doc's, grab your Kindle and take it with you. Its great for long waits...especially if you've got a word game loaded on it. LOL
I'm thinking of you Chicka-boo. It'll be ok. xo

Coffeypot said...

Life is gonna get better. Just keep up the positive thinking.

Lena said...

Sounds like you went through the wringer. I know what you mean about new meds. I am skeptical taking anything new as I am so med sensitive. I always try a half and see how it goes. But I do hope it will help you with your pain.

It is parent's right to help out our kids if we want to!

Jules said...

Do you know I now frequent the gym because of you?? You inspire me to be better.