Saturday, January 01, 2011


A whole new year staring out at me like this blank blog page. It can be a bit intimidating, because being a perfectionist like I am...the outcome needs to be awesome. I am looking forward to this new year. There are things that I am planning on doing differently, doing better. I don't feel a real need to list them out here for the world to see... Suffice it to say that when I actually make a resolution, I generally succeed. Or, I succeed at trying. The outcome is not always what was planned, and that is why I love living. I love the surprises that life throws out, the good ones anyway. While I can't really remember any earth-shattering bad things that happened in the year that's just passed, I DO remember a few wonderful's. I tend to forget the bad, anyway. I like it like that.

Good bye 2010. Thank you for:

My Zachary. Only the greatest grandson on the planet, if you don't count his older brother, Brodie. :)

A lesson in hurting others. Men, actually. I had forgotten that men's hearts really never grow up and to even become a little bit involved with one is playing with fire. I don't like hurting anybody. I find that it's best to stay away from it, altogether. :(

A job that I had before this year, but did not fully appreciate until sometime in 2010. I loved the work before that, but it has taken this long to become intertwined with the people, the work, the life that I live at that place.

A new financial beginning. A new way of living and learning in that area. This is one place I find that I have alot of room to grow and learn, sadly, at my age. But better late than never and you can bet that this year will be focused even more so in the dollars area of this old gal's life.

My kids --- who seem to be "getting it" more every day. I am proud to say that they are mine, warts and all.

The ability to work out most days at the gym, the ability to actually love doing it, the ability to lose nearly forty pounds that I didn't actually think I needed to lose but find I am so much happier and healthier without. I also thank you 2010 for the ability to tolerate the pain medications that I couldn't literally live without. Without them, I would have no life, I would be in a ball in the corner 24/7.

Mostly, I loved 2010 for the attitude I have learned, the happiness I feel, the love in my heart. It is generally for this reason, I look forward to the next awesome year.

Happy New Year, friends. :)


Lena said...

Happy New Year to you!

You are one of the few who can make resolutions and keep them! I am impressed! Good for you.

Glad you are doing so well.

I look forward to your posts this year. You have come a long way. I admire you and am glad to call you a blogger friend!

JTS said...

Happy New Year Jamie! You have always been and continue to be my source of inspiration...if Jamie can find reasons to smile thru the pain and believe in tomorrow, then I can too! You told me good things would come my way and certainly they have! Yup, we all learned a lot this year, but that's what it's all about. Now we're wiser (ok, at least a tiny bit) and stronger and ready to move on! I too am excited about the new year ahead of us, clean sheet of paper, let the writing begin! Stop by my blog and see me, I'm back! :-))

Coffeypot said...

“I find that it's best to stay away from it, altogether.” I say follow your heart and enjoy men’s company. It is natural for you to share and be part of another’s life. Just make sure he understands you are in it for the companionship. You DO NOT hurt them. They hurt themselves. You are being honest with them, they have to accept that honesty or they aren’t mature enough for you. They are in control of their feelings, not you. But I do love your attitude. You will have a great 2011, I can feel it.

Cheryl said...

Like you, I have the ability to forget the bad. We're lucky in that, you know? You've come a long way, baby. It's been awesome following your path. You've been an inspiration. I look forward to another year of friendship.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I hope this year is one of the best ones yet. The world is a better place because you're in it....and that's a fact. Warm hugs and much love. God Bless. xo

Leann said...

Happy New Year to you Jamie.

I wish you all the best in the year to come and know you will continue to grow and amaze all of us. You are indeed an inspiration. I hope I am able to follow your example and dig in to gym time and looking at each new day as a blessing and an opportunity to grow and become a better person.

It has been a pleasure getting to know you and I wish you all the best.

Blessings my dear.