Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

The past week or so has been extremely wonderful but exhausting...and that applies even if you don't count the stomach hell that I went through for twenty-four hours, and stomach issues for the past two days. I had the best time with my kids and grandkids. The holiday was about as perfect as it could have been and the time spent with one another felt like a gift from God. I looked at every person in the room on Christmas Eve, and thanked Him. We never know when we can all be in the same room again, we never know what could happen between now and then, people move about, they move on, they multiply. As much as I think it should be law that they all be home with me on Christmas, not everyone would necessarily agree with me. My children honestly love each other, they root for one another, they laugh with each other even if only they understand the joke. Their choices in mates are about as perfect as they are. As rotten as they can (honestly) be, the amount of love and respect they have for me is truly amazing. Each of them honors me and appreciates me. I cannot tell you how blessed I feel for that. It makes me want to do more for them, if possible. I know I am their mother, but I am telling you, they are a wonderful group of people that understands the value of family and love. What more could I ask for? And my Grandsons? Oh my...what can I say? Awesome. That sums it up.

The gifts were good, the food was good and too much, the laughter was even more abundant. This was Christmas Eve, when we have our family gift-exchange and appetizer-dinner. By the next day, when I was in the middle of the preparation of the Christmas dinner, the stomach flu made it's first but far from the last appearance in my daughter. The next three days were spent in hell for most of us. OMGosh....I haven't been sick like that for decades. I am still not quite right, although I am back among the living. All I have to say about that is I am thankful that it waited until after the big gathering the night before. My poor Janelle is still dealing with the last remnants of it all at her house.

And now, it is back to real life for the past few days. I am buried at work and will remain that way until about the end of January. I am looking forward to a quiet New Years spent with Mark. I want quiet and calm for awhile. I have worked hard lately and am ready for a bit of time off, at home and at work.

Happy New Year, all. Bring on 2011. :)


Golden To Silver Val said...

What a beautiful family Jamie! And....after all....that's what it's really all about. Family. Big hugs....feel well soon! xo

Lena said...

You are blessed! Such a beautiful and close knit family.

So sorry to hear that you all came down with that nasty bug, but so good it came after the celebrations for you.

Hope you are completely well, soon!!

Coffeypot said...

Looks like a great family and you are blessed. I also wish you a better and healthier 2011 and the peace that should come with it.

Cheryl said...

As always, your happiness makes me happy. The pictures are delightful. I can't believe how big the babies are! And then to get sick? Oh, how terrible. I've never had the stomach bug, so I can't relate, and hope I never get it. I hope you and yours are completely better soon.

Happy New Year's Eve eve!

Leann said...

I envy you having the family around you for Christmas. Perhaps this next year will be my year to have that blessing.

I am sorry to hear you had to deal with that nasty bug. I am glad you are feeling better!!

Blessings to you Jamie