Saturday, November 27, 2010

The goose is getting fat

SATURDAY! Only the awesomest day of the week...

and I have SO many things I want to accomplish. And here I sit. I start this thing which leads me to that thing, while the first thing is halfway finished. This is not like me, but I give the credit to the drugs. Good heavens, they do funny things to a person. And mixing one or two..even though the doc says that's the way to do it? NOT a good idea. Tends to make a gal do things that perhaps she wouldn't ordinarily do. Hmmmm...

Tree up--later today. It will take me all of about forty-five minutes. That's what happens when you buy a very expensive"corner-tree", which is only code for Charlie Brown.

Shopping--later today, too. I have several things already, but still have so far to go. I love Christmas, but my wallet isn't too crazy about it.

See the grandbabies? Tonight, I think.

Clean up the kitty litter all over the floor.

Next on the agenda, getting my full-of-chocolate-cake stomach and ass to the gym. Bleh. The cake is wonderful, I hope the garbage chute appreciates it. That is where it's headed. I got up this am and ate chocolate cake. CHOCOLATE CAKE. I don't do that. For the obvious reasons, but also because pure sugar first thing in the morning makes my heart pound, it always has. Krispy Kreme has never been my friend. Or hot chocolate...or anything really sugary and wonderful. I cannot have anything of that nature until the afternoon. So, here I sit writing to you all, my heart pounding and sweating. I wonder what it is that causes that? Other than my own stupidity, I mean.

So...I am off to torture myself at the gym. It is a beautiful, sunshiny day..cold, but as long as the sun shines, it's all good.

Happy Saturday. :)


Mary said...

I love that you have the grandbabies. I remember when mine were babies - how you were always interested in what I wrote about them. It's all true and even more. Right?

I don't "do" sweets either. I have no noticable side effects but I still pass on sweets. They make my breath questionable, at best. YUCK!!!

Have a fun day and a lot of rest on Sunday. Love

Jules said...

Good Saturday to you Goose!

I had pie and Vicoden for my own breakfast. So there!! And yes, both are causing unwanted side effects, but I needed them so badly!!

Can't wait to see your tree. I haven't had one in three years. You sorta made me ask myself, "Why not?" So maybe I'll get one today and put a little cheer in my house.

Hope your day is as wonderful as you anticipate!

P.S. You have a lesbian for me?

Lena said...

I had stuffing for breakfast. Can't wait until that is gone. but hey, it has veggies in it!

I admire your commitment to the gym.

You are so lucky to have your grand babies! Can't wait to get me some of those!

Cheryl said...

Hope you had a great weekend. I'm glad I have today to get busy and finish up the house. Time to finish the morning coffee and GO.

Leann said...

I want to see pictures of the tree after you've decorated it. Especially since it sounds like you are on some good drugs :-)

I am with you on the shopping. So much to do, so little to do it with. But lord, I love Christmas. It is my favorite holiday. It just brings out something in people you don't see otherwise. Unless there is a major catastrophe like the World Trade Center. It's sad it takes such things to make people feel blessed.

Anyway, hope you have a blessed day!!