Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cryptic philosophy

In spite of the last post I wrote here, there is one area of my life that is so difficult, so gut-wrenching, that I find myself incapable and mostly unable to handle it. I cannot say what exactly I am talking about, but I can say that it does not directly involve me. But it does involve another person so very close to my heart that it might as well be me. I am not forced to deal with it very often but yesterday was once again, the chosen day. And I find myself unequipped and not capable of doing what is most likely the right thing...so I do the Jamie thing. There was a time that I believed that those two were the same thing, but now I wonder. I believe that God often puts us in the way of others, intentionally, to take the opportunity to avert disaster at a later date, and I think that is what happened yesterday. And on those occasions, I even amaze myself. Regardless of the outcome of this whole scenario in time, I know that there is no way that one awful thing can happen. I took care of that issue, for good. And in a very tiny way, that makes me feel better.



Coffeypot said...

uuhh okay...I guess. As long as you are happy with it, I guess it's okay. I trust you.

Leann said...

I agree that God puts us in the paths of those who need us when we are THE one who fits the bill for his purpose. It can't be just anyone, it has to the the chosen one if you will.

I am glad you feel good about what you did and that it was the right thing. I rely on that feeling a lot when it's based in faith.

Take care and have a blessed day Jamie.