Friday, August 13, 2010

Random Schmandon

Yea...Friday again. I love the weekends, although recently I have been so busy, they come and go in a blink. I have been having alot of fun, but I have to admit, I am ready for a bit of downtime. This OLD woman has had enough, for now.
The pics that I have posted here were all taken by Jordan, in the past few days. He has an awesome new camera and these shots are all great. The layout on this page is a
bit squirreley, and for that I apologize, but I am just too tired this morning to fight with blogger. So anyway, the pics of Zachary are of his very first bath ever, grandma and grandpa, a couple shots of Jord and Tegan and an awesome shot of their kitty Penny, mid-yawn. :)
I am excited, Bill is in town from Florida and I am going to the sprint car nationals in Knoxville tomorrow night. I have been to a gazillion plus one races in my life, but never to the Nationals on the final night. Plus, I haven't been able to hang out with Bill in what seems forever.
Janelle and family are getting along very well, although she is wiped-out tired. I was there yesterday afternoon to help in whatever way I could, and I must say she has it all under control, or at least as much as she can. She and Nick have been blessed with two wonderful, beautiful baby boys, and they are guaranteed alot of fun and laughs and awesome times over the years. I am so happy for them I could burst.

I have been dating a new man and I am having a wonderful time. My only problem is fitting it all in and the wear and tear is beginning to show. Plus, the heat is pretty unbearable recently. The extremes, be it hot or cold, are equally hard on this old woman, and I feel it all the way to my toes. Getting old is hell, but as they say, it does beat the alternative.

I need to get my big butt out of this chair and get this party started......Happy Friday to you all, make the most of every moment.


Leann said...

Have fun with the new man!!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Travel SAFELY! Enjoy yourself to the max. Great pics.... and I'm soooo glad that your friend Bill is healthy once again. TTYL. Hugs!

Mary said...

Happy to hear about the new fellow. Aren't those Outlaw cars a hoot? Everything goes fine until one gets turned around - then it loop-da-loop. Hope you and Bill have a blast.

Have a chance to shop a bit in Knoxville? Try Turkey Creek, a relatively new shopping area in Knoxville. It's on Old Kingston Pike. 500 hundred acres of shopping and open spaces. Everything from high end to outlet.

Mary said...

I do hope you were talking about Knoxville, TN. Otherwise I just made a complete fool of myself. So what else is new?


Have fun in TN (if that's the right "JOHNNY."

AWWW, baby Zachary is sooo cute. JANELLE, you're giving me the impossible bug to want one.more..and most likely it'd be a boy... I'm sure it's been wild and crazy and you're suddenly finding yourself saying, "remember when we thought just having Brodie was hard work?"

Anyways, I'm talking to Janelle, and it's Your Mom's area, so, Happy friday J!!
Happy new guy.
Happy new little guy.
Happy scary kitty!! :)


Lena said...

Sounds like things are going so well for u. Have a great trip, enjoy your friend, and your new friend!

Coffeypot said...

That last picture...when did you meet my ex-wife?

Cheryl said...

Life sounds pretty great for's about time. Enjoy as much of the good as you possibly can. And how about you throwing in a tiny blurb about a new man. Like it was just mundane stuff. You go girl. And you're not old!!!