Monday, June 07, 2010

Monday, Monday

I am not working today. Originally, when I wrote myself out on the vacation calendar, it was for a different reason. I decided last Friday, it made no difference why, I would still take this day off. After all, I am working this Saturday....which is completely unusual for me. One has nothing to do with the other, but I will be happy to be away from the j-o-b today.

Life in my little (teensy, really) world has been tense. No doing of mine, unless you count the fact that I have no control over my emotions and feelings (which is my problem, I am aware). I have had too much drama here, and none of it involves me, directly. Kids. Damn kids. Always the bullshit and I am up to here with it. I spent the last several days as animal caretaker for the youngest son...two kitties which I would love to cat-nap (teehee). And a dog that is adorable and sweet. The dog stayed with Mark, but I felt much responsible for her and walked her several times, and played with her. It was so sweet to see youngest to come and pick her up last night. She is just a puppy and was so very confused as to where her real daddy was. She lit up at the sight of him.

I am fifteen pounds less than I was several weeks ago. For that, I am quite excited. It has been hard, cruel work and my health issues are not happy with me at all. However, I hurt when I don't exercise, I hurt when I do. I do think that the swimming is helping my fibromyalgia and spine problems, although all the walking probably is not. I have decided the hell with it....I feel so much better when I do push myself and will continue until I can no longer. The only other thing I have to say about that is thank God for pain medications.

And I am off to the pool. Happy Monday. :)


Cheryl said...

Good morning early riser! Monday is a great day to have off. It makes up for working Saturday for me. I wish I could get out there and swim. The weather wasn't conducive this weekend, and this morning it's chilly. Unbelievable. I should walk...Enjoy your day, OK?

kristi said...

I have done well with exercise but I started my period yesterday and after 30 minutes of walking I was DONE!!! Enjoy your day.

Coffeypot said...

Very few things are as relaxing by the pool with the early morning sun warming you body. Fifteen pounds is totally great. Good work.

Jules said...

I got sick of wallowing in my own misery, so I decided to come over and wallow in yours.

Congrats on those 15 lbs baby! That's got to feel good!!

Thanks for the invite!! Yes, I am putting Iowa on the schedule. I wouldn't miss seeing you for the world and would leave tomorrow if I could. (Anything to escape 111 degrees :) I'm shooting for the end of July (said with fingers crossed).

Have a beautiful evening. You are in my thoughts.


Leann said...

Oh the drama of children. I know it well.

Congrats on the weight loss!!

I've recently heard tell that a warmer climate tends to help the fibromyalga. Just sayin'