Saturday, March 06, 2010

This and That

It is Saturday, my MOST favorite day of the week. The whole weekend stretches out before me, no job, no pressure, just what I want to do. I love it.

It has been a very difficult week for my physically. I made it to work every day, but once I had to come home early, and the rest of the days I sat there nearly in agony. I saw my new chiropractor on Wednesday, he had the images of the x-rays he had done, as well as the records from my other doctors. The list of things wrong in my back covered almost a whole page, line by line. The pics are scary..for me, and he said for him, as well. I wanted to post the pics of my lower spine and neck here, as I have the cd with the images on it. However, there is no format that I can find out there for free to save them to my computer or post them on blogger. They are interesting, to say the least. My neck looks very Frankenstein-ish with the big giant butterfly metal bracket and all the screws just hanging there in what seems to be mid-air in the photos. My doc said there is one thing there that worries him alot, apparently scar tissue and bone spurs are gathering just above the metal and growing out front, and he is afraid that will leave me unable to swallow soon. He knew of no way to correct that other than more surgery... but said to wait and see how it goes. My mid back looks pretty okay..bone spurs all along, but that is pretty normal for anyone my age. My lower back has him the most concerned. Anyone can see why I die with pain and can't walk some days. L3, L4 and L5 are literally sitting right on top of each other, with nothing in between. It is obvious even to me that they are rubbing against each other, as well as against my spinal cord. I have had that area repaired nearly sixteen years ago, but time and age and wear and tear have caused it to come undone, for lack of a better word. There really is no other course that can be taken surgically, other than the "cage" that my mother had, and left her disabled. My doc is actually surprised that I am as mobile and capable as I am, but it didn't take a rocket scientist to see that he also meant that wouldn't or couldn't last forever. He does hope he can help me prolong the inevitable, meaning disability or surgery or both, by what he called gentle manipulation, (I'm here to tell you it isn't so gentle), and by traction and acupuncture. I begin that on Monday. I don't know how I feel about it, but I will know soon. I hear it helps many people, but I can't say I know anyone that has been through it. So, I'll let you know what it feels like to be a human pin cushion this week.

On a brighter note, I went out last evening and bought new LR furniture. I bought a beautiful dark brown leather sofa, chair and ottoman, and a unique red leather accent chair. I won't have it for two weeks...I will be gone next weekend, and it just seemed easier to wait until the weekends. I also bought a new area rug...I am very, very excited, and cannot wait to get this feather filled, monstrous, cat hair magnet out of my apartment. Jordy is the lucky recipient, and I have honestly told him what a literal pain in the ass it is...but he is as excited about getting it as I am about the new stuff. I paid cash money for it, no loans, no credit cards, no payments. It is not the top of the line, but good enough for me. It is made by Simmons and they have at least been around a long time. My kitties will not be happy with the new fabric or lack thereof on the surfaces, but any time I can save up to an hour a day removing cat hair, it's a great thing in my book.

And I am off to start my day. Rain here - in the forecast. If it has to be cloudy and gloomy, then I hope it rains like a you-know-what and gets rid of the monster piles of snow. Have a Happy. :)


DRCM (Craig) said...

Glad you found some furniture but too bad I won't get to test it out for you :). 5 days! Love ya

fiwa said...

Good morning sweet pea! Happy Saturday to you too.

Man, your poor back. My dad had the same problem in his lower back and I remember how much pain he was in. I'm so sorry hon.

I'm sure excited to see pictures of your new furniture though - it sounds gorgeous!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I am an optimist about your back...although it may never be as good as new, I really do think you can be helped and relieved of a lot of pain. So keep an open mind, dear friend....acupuncture is severally under-rated here. They even use it successfully on horses! Your new furniture sounds awesome....can't wait to see pictures. And yes....the cats will be upset. LOL
Have a terrific weekend.

Mary said...

Several years ago, following a violent fall that fractured my left hip and did major damage to my right knee, I was in more pain than I can describe. It was a long healing process and the pain was - well, BAD.

A friend encouraged me to go for acupuncture but I just couldn't believe that it would do more than cause more pain. Finally I agreed to let her take me. After my first visit I had much relief. For weeks I looked forward to my weekly visit.

Jamie, there was no pain, no discomfort, nor was there evidence of where the needles were after they were removed. I don't advocate treatment of any kind because I'm in no way a medical person. What I can do is tell you that acupuncture was my salvation during a very painful time.

If you go for acupuncture try to not be afraid. If it doesn't work for you at least you'll have tried. If the sessions do work it will be so much better than the drugs that you have to take just to get through the day. I'll be thinking good thoughts for you and praying that whatever treatments you have will prove successful.

SOUL said...

wow-- i can kinda get a image of your x-rays -- having seen similar stuff. all i can say is owch! and i will be praying for less pain and a positive result in the near futur.

as for the new furniture -- you do know what i'm thinkin right?
"i hate leather'!!
to quote you. :))
how's that gonna work out for you?
i hope it is soft brushed leather?? that you really do and will LOVE. some leather is nice-- i have come to find it cold and ungiving :))
but i also -- know that you do have good taste, and i know you will love it-- i too wanna see pix -- asap.

and yes-- the hair will still be a problem, but much easier to deal with. geesh, things we do for our kids.

hope you have a great day-

ps-- i leaked the juicy deets on the child :((
don't hate me

SOUL said...

oh-- ps 2 -- 0x

Leann said...

Hey girlfriend!! I hope you have a fabulous day despite the gloom.

I went to Rent a Center today to look for a washer and dryer and maybe some new furniture. How much they want a month is depressing, as is what the finished price will be. I'm thinking I will suffer through until I can save enough to get something differnet, or find a good used set on Craigslist.

Blessings dear :-)

Dani said...

I've never tried acupuncture either but friends of mine who have swear by it. I hope it works for you today! How exciting, new furniture! I'm happy it will save you time to not have to conquer the cat hair, but sad to see the old furniture go. Don't take it personally but I'll have to sleep at Jordy's place now. ;) I can't wait to see you all in 3 days! Yippee!