Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy 101 !!!!

Isn't this the cutest little award? I got this from my buddy Val-at golden to silver Val. So I thank you friend, from the bottom of my heart. Here is the fine print:
I have to thank the award-ER, which I have done.
As the award-EE, I have to post ten things that make me happy.
Then I have to pass it on.
So, here goes:
1. Waking up early, realizing it's Saturday, and the whole day belongs to ME.
2. Reading my friends blogs. Nope, not bs....the truth.
3. Of course, my kids make me happy. Most of the time.
4. OMGosh...Brodie makes me ecstatically happy.
5. Waking up in the wee hours of the morning, finding that both of my kitties are sleeping with me.
6. Thee feeling of a job well done, each month (hopefully) at work.
7. The rare times I spend with my sisters...that makes me very happy.
8. The months that I have money left over. :)
9. Finding an email in my inbox from my friends or sis's. You know, a real email, not a forward.
10. Being able to accomplish, physically...a whole day of activities.
Now ---- I am supposed to bestow this great honor to those blogs of my friends that make me happy. This part could be a bit difficult, because so many of my friends have already received it from others. But, here goes:
Cheryl---hopefully, she hasn't already been chosen by someone else --- at Ladeda. This blog is written by one of the few people in this world that I know of that makes a conscious decision each day to live it HAPPY. Seriously. Of course she has issues and problems and troubles, just like the rest of us. (she even has a teenage daughter, so you'all know that creates unhappy days) but Cheryl has the most amazing ability to shrug it off and have a good day. As far as happy goes: she definitely takes the (cup)cake!
Jules --- at notes to self ---she is a new friend of mine. She has/has had a rough way to go..but remains happy, in control of her world and herself. She is the picture of strength, and kindness and a little "tough" thrown in. If you don't know her, go over and make a new friend.
I have so many others that I wanted to include, but my time has run out.
I hope you all have a great Tuesday. :)


Cheryl said...

Thank you Jamie, for choosing me! Somehow, I was born with a good disposition. I'm the middle daughter and was always the one who had to sit in the middle to keep the other two from fighting. I was my mother's friend. I got along with everyone. It wasn't a conscious choice, it's just the way I am. I try to look for the best in people instead of the worst. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Find the things that make me happy. Try not to let my daughter get me down. Somehow, I have the ability to easily forget the bad when the good happens. It's really a gift.

It's pretty obvious I don't spend the time I'd like with my blogging friends. I care about all of them, and I especially care about you.

SOUL said...

awesome happy's j :))
and i can't stop thinkin about the new BOY on the way.
you're in gramma heaven.. and it shows. really. the heart does overcome ya know. if we let it. and i know it aint easy.

so. when you up for what we talked about? sorta. we can't let pain get in the way or we'll both shrivel up and die.

hugs pal.

have a happy day-

Golden To Silver Val said...

Hey dear friend.....I've given you another award. I just couldn't resist it as it seemed so perfect for you. I hope you'll accept it and pass it along. Stop by my place and pick it up....we can have coffee!

SOUL said...

WTH jamie? just like that?
don't close 'er down. you've done that before-- hell, we all have, at least several of us have. maybe you just need a break? for a while. we need to know how you're doin. what about brodie-- what about the baby bro comin? what about YOU-- the weather is gonna change and you know as well as i do-- with that, comes feelin at least a little better- and gettin out, and all kindsa stuff. maybe not physically feelin better-- but mentally , you know you will. i know you will- and i know i will. winter sucks- and it sucks the life out of those with chronic pain. c'mon, you know this. don't stop. take a break -- sure, fine, we can handle that-- but never say the end--
people love you-- you can't just walk away.
can you?
well? can you?
who peed in your wheaties today j?
if it's me -- i'll stay away-- but don't stop writin.
you have too much to say . you give hope to too many people to not share it.
do you realize that I-- yes me-- would prolly still be pain med needin, but too afraid to ask-- demand meds-- if not for you? and my endo doc? do you think i would have dare stood up to him and refused to see his nurse practitioner-- or even mention the word malpractice with continuing to see 'him' on my mind ----- IF NOT for the hope and strength YOU shared with me?
YOU gave me my backbone back jamie.
only God knows how many others are out there that gain strength and hope from you on a daily basis.

remember how Charlotte popped in at the very moment we were talkin about how people you didn't even know about were prayin for you?

well just think about the people out there that you don't know about that YOU help.

please don't shut it down.
rest up-- but come back. please.
really- not for me.. cuz i know where ya live -- i'll just knock on your door if i end up missin ya too much :))

but the others-- too many folks need you. and know what? you need them too.

i love ya pal

LL Cool Joe said...

Wow, that's the 3rd blog this week that I follow that has closed down.


I'll miss you

SOUL said...

you know you wanna write. :)) i hope you're havin a happy weekend- with sunshine, and not much pain

Lena said...

I still can't get over how just like that you ended your blog. Take care and hope you decide to come back sometime soon.