Saturday, March 20, 2010

Finally, a few pics from last weekend...The whole crew, mostly at the Garden of the Gods. Craig, the furry one that looks like he just came down from his "mountain home". Jordan, the one that currently looks like Gorbachev with the funky thing on his head..don't ask... Dani, Craig's most beautiful girl with the dark hair, and Tegan--the petite, (Jordan's) oh-so-pretty blonde. And then, Mark and I, of course.
I am upright today, mostly. That's a huge improvement, as I have been walking like the old woman from the shoe..hunched over, with an ugly limp, slide, splat walk. The pain is still there, but the legs seem stronger. I'll take it.
Furniture finally arriving this morning...I hope. It was 65 degrees on Thursday, I was out on my balcony in the sun. This morning? Five or so inches of wonderful, white stuff. So, I hope the delivery truck can get here with the sofa, chair, ottoman and area rug. My living room is empty and echo-ey. Ten people (if you count Brodie, although he did little to help) showed up Thursday evening to rid me of the old, feather and cat hair monstrosity...I said good riddance. There were four major pieces of furniture, six giant throw pillows,and fifteen feather filled seat cushions and backs. BUH-BYE.
I have not yet bought the counter-height, mahogany table and chairs to go near the balcony doors. I can't find the right one, but am hoping that I can find it today. Assuming my body can take the shopping, and right this minute, I can't say.
Happy Weekend. :)


Lena said...

beautiful pictures! Looks like a wonderful time.

Hope you continue to improve with your walking.

SOUL said...

i KNEW that was garden of the gods from the very first photo ! i used to have 'keggers' up there when i was a teenager :)) one time , we returned after a bonfire/kegger-- my friends father asked-- why do you two smell like 'smoke'... she quickly replies with...
POPCORN! we made popcorn on a fire !

i had never heard of such a thing-- but her dad fell for it -- luckily the smoke overpowered the beer smell.
i wonder wth she woulda said about that?

we were abducted by aliens?

hope you can shop some -- you look really good -- and happy .
sorry you hurt so much

Smocha said...

I loved Colorado! Great pics ! Hope you feel better and yer snow melts quick!

Coffeypot said...

Great pics and I hope you get back on your feet (straight up and walking) soon.

Jules said...

Beautiful. You look fantastic!!

Golden To Silver Val said...

You look great dear friend....and your family looks so happy. Beautiful area too. All that walking would have killed me for sure. LOL
I have given you an award....stop by my place and pick it up....Okay?
Big hugs. xo

Leann said...

I loved Garden of the Gods when I was in Colorado. Good times.

It looks like you had a wonderful time. It's always nice to hang out with family.

Enjoy your weekend my dear.


Gypsy said...

It looks like a beautiful place and what a gorgeous family you have. I know you are in a world of pain but you look fab if that counts for anything.

Cheryl said...

What great pictures. You have a beautiful family, and the girlfriends are adorable. The scenery is breathtaking!