Friday, November 13, 2009

Too late this morning

Because I'm running late today...

I don't have time to tell you that my doc is putting me through all kinds of tests, once again. He is afraid that we could be missing something and that if I have surgery now, I could end up worse off and still in so much pain, because we missed something else. Yes, yes, whatever, I'll do what you ask because after all, I am the one asking for your help.

And I don't have time to tell you that I have to work a long day today, which is really a tragedy on a Friday...come on. See how spoiled I am getting? I used to work more than sixty hours a week.

I also don't have the time to say that the husband and I cannot seem to connect on any level these days, and I find that disturbing. I don't know if it's me, him or the combination of the two of us together. I seem to have no trouble getting my point across with anyone else or here..

And I am running too far behind to say that my kitty Meisha---whom I have had for two years--and who has never, ever been destructive in any way, ate my headphones the night before last. Chewed them into pieces. She was mad because Tonka (new kitty that lives with Mark) had been here all evening. I couldn't believe it.

I am too late to say that I have a long list of medications that have been changed or added or ugh. I hate pills and just seem to add to the list every time I see the dr. Dammit.

Too late to say any more, have to go now. Sorry I was too late today to tell you all any of these things. :) Happy Friday.


Gypsy said...

Bloody hell Jamie. You'd think you would make more effort to tell us what's going on in your life instead of leaving us hanging like this :)

I actually think it's admirable that the Doc wants to exhaust all avenues and possibilities before he puts you through possibly crippling operations. I just hope he can find some answers that will at least ease your pain if not get rid of it altogether.

Cats and dogs are like kids with their little jealousies aren't they?

I hope you have a relaxing weekend Jamie. Just put your feet up and let the world go on around you. Just take care ok?

SOUL: said...

darn time restraints. just think , if only you'da had time to tell us something. geesh.
maybe next time.
happy friday!

Susan said...

I'm so sorry you didn't have time to tell us anything. ;)