Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday afternoon stuff

Today, life returns to normal, my kiddo is leaving for home. It has been a wonderful few days and my heart is heavy just thinking about him leaving in a while. He will be back for Christmas so it won't be too long until I get to see him, but I miss him more than he knows. However, he has become a man at some point, although I must not have been there for that transformation. I certainly would have remembered it. He has become someone I am quite proud to call my son, and I look for great things for him in the future. His new love has made such a difference in him...and I have to say, she is as wonderful as he tells me she is. They have such a good relationship, no games, no drama, and immense respect for one another. There is no way I could be happier. So, I am happy he is returning to the life they are building there, and I send them both with all the love I can hold. This is what being young is all about.

Our holiday here was good, I can't say it was the best dinner I have ever made, even though everyone said is was great. I really wasn't able to even eat much by the time I got it on the table , it had been a long, grueling day...just in the kitchen. Dinner was all that I could manage, eating was out of the question. The family was in a funny mood, or at least it seemed that way to me...of course, they had all been elsewhere and already eaten one huge dinner. My youngest and his girlfriend really weren't much in the mood to be here, but that is becoming the rule instead of the exception these days. He has much bigger and better things to do most of the time. More power to him --- just let me know you're alive now and then. That's not really true, although I wish I could feel that way. I spend most of time worrying about him, but when I do see him, he seems fine. And he was happy to be here, probably just tired and already fed up with the family thing by the time he arrived. Janelle and Brodie and Nick were okay, Brodie lights up whatever room he is in. He doesn't even have to try. He is the newest member of my heart, and I made good use of the time with him. Janelle was most likely familied out by then as well, although she contributed much to dinner and was very helpful to me once she got here. Nick? Well, he pretty much just lays on the couch and ignores me, although he speaks respectfully to me when spoken to. I wish I could fix the problems there between us but I have no idea how to go about it. He really does NOT like me and I suppose if I told the truth, I would have to say the same. But he IS the father of my most awesome grandson, and I feel very strongly that we need to get along, WELL. I just don't know how. A lot of water under the bridge there...and things that have been said and done, don't magically go away. I try really hard to treat him respectfully, and I am going to try harder. So, that was my wonderful day...although it really was good. Kevin, Mark's (good) friend (and mine)was here, and he is always fun to have around. And of course, Craig and his girl.

And other than that...things have been quiet and good here. I have loved having the kids here...and Janelle and Brodie have been around alot, and that has been fun, too, but back to work and normal life tomorrow. Oh -- and an emg tomorrow afternoon---great, can't wait to be stuck with pins and shocked with some electrical device. Woo hoo!

Later. :)


Golden To Silver Val said...

Funny thing about a daughter's love interest....there usually are some "issues" regarding them. I could write a novel about both of my grandchildren's fathers. But anyway, I'm glad you had your family around you. Some years are better than others, that's for sure.....and there are some years that we'd sooner forget about. At least thats the case in MY book of memories. LOL
Hope you're feeling better....physically as well as mentally. Christmas is just coming at us in warp speed....and before we know it, we'll be hiding Easter eggs. Get your rest, take your vitamins C and D (especially D)and if anyone coughs in your direction, kick their a$$. Big hugs and shop online this your feet as well as your back. xo

Lena said...

How great to have all your family around you for Thanksgiving! Relationships are complicated, but I love how positive you are being regarding the baby's father.

Good luck tomorrow with your emg.

Leann said...

I have the same kind of relationship with my son-in-law. He is the father of my grandson but I can't say I like him a whole lot. We are respectful to each other so the children see a good example, but there are times it is all I can do to hold my tongue.

Hope all the pins and shocks bring about positive information or results.


Lynn said...

I remember not liking my brother-in-law for several years - at all. But things improved with time. I hope that for you, too.

That kid on the right must be Brodie - very cute!

LL Cool Joe said...

I think family get togethers always seem tense, with certain people not wanting to be there etc. I can't wait for Christmas Day and all the family tension around. NOT!

Glad at least you have some names for the things that are making you feel ill. At least that should help the treatment shouldn't it?