Sunday, November 15, 2009

A few things

Observations from an (almost) fifty year old:

Whatever can go wrong ...even if it' the most unlikely thing...will eventually happen, if given enough time. However, this can go for what can go right, too...if hope is held out.

Like Sally Field---I've got this one body...but mine is often broken.

Every day, it's a choice. Some days, it's nearly impossible to take the happy road. With the proper training, it becomes easier.

There really is a time for everything. Really.

Age makes many things easier, especially if we can still try, and not fall into the "old dog-new tricks" rule.

Some things aren't really what they appear to be. Conditioning can make us believe things to be one way, a rude awakening comes with eyes wide open.


it's been a good weekend. Not necessarily the one I thought I would have, but good nonetheless. I cleaned, shopped, put up the Christmas tree, ate lunch out today. All in all, things are okay. I have spent all my evenings alone, and enjoyed it. Tonight, listening to music, playing around on the computer, going to bed early. I expect a crazy week at work, a little extra sleep can't hurt. I'm out.


Golden To Silver Val said...

You sound happy and being happy helps the body heal. Sometimes we tend to forget that. If I could have wishes of them would be for you. You do know that don't you. Big hugs and sleep well, dear friend.

Trav said...

Gosh, I am glad that you finally got some food in there....that seemed like a long week!! I hope your week is better and that you will physically feel better too! You are loved! Hey to make you feel better....I did the coffee pot thing at the oncology office with one of those big honkin Bunn coffeemakers and forgot to put the pot under. You know how that a loud voice that you could have heard down the road "who forgot to put the coffee pot on the stand when making coffee?" - man..I wanted to lie but I didnt. I felt like a moron!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Hi Jamie Thank you for visiting my blog. I read a couple of posts and saw that we have some blog friends in common.

I hope your Monday is terrific.

LL Cool Joe said...

Wow you've put up the Christmas tree? That's early isn't it? There again, better than a few days before Christmas day, which is usually what happens in our household.

Glad you sound ok anyway. :)

Moohaa said...

Thanks for the wisdom. I take it to heart.
Also, thank you for all the support on my blog lately. Your words are welcomed and appreciated.

That's cool that you put up your tree already. I love the ambiance that always seems to accompany the raising and decorating of the tree. :)

Maria said...

Do you always put up your tree so early? We never put ours up until mid December and then it is more for Liv than for us. When I lived alone, I didn't put any sort of Christmas decorations up until the week before Christmas.