Friday, September 04, 2009

Three B's - Bitching, Boring, Babbling

The hurry up and wait of my life is killing me. Hurry up - get this done, so that you can get that done -- nope, wait a minute, can't do that yet, too early. Ugh. I am not a very patient person, never have been. (just a little side note---never, ever pray for patience, God sends you very many obstacles that require-well - PATIENCE..).

Work was a bitch yesterday, in fact, the whole day seemed to be a struggle, although it ended nicely. I went to dinner with my daughter and her sig other, and my little Brodie. And I got to see my youngest, if only for a little while. But prior to that, holy cow, a bundle of nervous energy. The junk started with issues with my husband, who had to drive me to work, because my car needed to be elsewhere. Let me preface this next statement with a little background --- when I met my husband, he was a complete and total slob. TOTAL. I assumed that it was being pretty young - not quite thirty - and I also assumed that it could be changed. And it has been changed, we have been together for fifteen years, and he has not lived that way all this time, (except for the garage but I haven't really counted that...although I see now, that I should have). I am talking about the kind of slob that had as many if not more clothes on the floor than in the closet, clean, dirty, it didn't matter, in fact he referred to it as his "walk-on" closet. Over the years, he has a been a different guy - at least in the living areas, it didn't take me long to tell him that we don't live that way. He complied, and has even been very helpful in keeping things right, always. He vacuums, sweeps, and does many of the really tough cleaning jobs, and never seemed to mind. The garage however, when we had one, was a complete disaster, and I would be so upset every time I went there, that I just didn't. It was easier not to fight about it, but frankly, he had to have every power tool, every mechanics tool, but when one was needed, it took about a week to find it. Frustrated much? Oh yeah... Then, since moving here, to this small space, there is no room for anything to be out of place, not to mention, there is no reason for that either, and yes, I know this sentence is rambling on, as well as this build up to what happened yesterday. So yesterday...he has to take me to work. Keep in mind this man is in sales - SALES--and goes to work every morning in a tie, he looks like he just stepped out of GQ magazine. AND THEN HE CLIMBS INTO THE TRAVELING TRASH WAGON. Holy crap - I am not exaggerating here, and he just swiped all the crap to the side, so that I could sit down. Yes, I have seen his car over the years, and it has been pretty bad, but seriously, we live in the city now for heavens sake, and he is a professional. I felt like a needed a shower when I got out. So, I of course said a couple of things that made him mad, but then I shut my mouth---because I realized that soon, it won't matter to me, it won't be my issue, and he can trash his whole place like that if he wants to. However, I just don't understand it. He is forty-four years old for craps sake. But whatever..

So much on my mind this morning, I even woke up too early. I was tired of trying to stay asleep and finally just got up. It will make for a very long day, but at least it's Friday and a three day weekend ahead! I have alot to do - it's almost too early to pack everything up, but I can get the majority of it done, and make do with a few things for the next week. I have a total of four file cabinets that need cleaned out and organized. Most of the paperwork overflowing from them belong to the Ice Cream Store, the old dealership, the racetrack, and Bill...and while I can't completely get rid of it, I can organize it. I need to split what Mark will take, and all the rest will be for me to haul around for the next couple of years, then it will go into Bill's storage unit down in Southern Iowa. Speaking of the ICS, the deal should close on Saturday morning. The last minute issues have of course happened, but I think it should all be tied up now. This has been a very long process, and while it makes me sad in some ways, this is the last "tie" that I have to my old life, I am more than ready to get it behind me. I have worked my backside off on all of this crap for far too long. At the end of this month, I actually have no quarterly paperwork of any kind to file. I mean from home, from my home office...and I have one measly little form to file with the feds at the end of the year. There are virtually no numbers to pull together for the CPA in January. You all have no idea how much I have had to do over the years. None of it has been difficult, but it has been there, in my mind, deadlines and paperwork and problems...oh my.

Okay, so this is enough bore for you all for one day. I will shut up now. Have a very happy Friday. :)


Smocha said...

hey,don't be talking about my car like that. lol

A fresh new life sounds rather refreshing. I hope it's awesome for you! :)

ac said...

Men are just little boys in big boy skin. Without a woman around they will revert. ha! You sound good in spite of mr messy. lol hugs! ac

SOUL: said...

i love it ! LOL

sorry-- i just do, cuz i can relate. unfortunately--- it isn't a his car thing only-- he uses my car a lot too--- so, umm, well, it's TWO "traveling trash wagons."
i want so bad to get my car washed/waxed and detailed--- and repo my keys from "my" slob-O.(S)
can't tho. maybe when gas goes down to 150.00 or so i will. but the ole bubba mobile just uses too much fuel to do all the runnin around we do-- or he does with soulkid, to not use my car for the soulwagon. ugh.

anyhow-- yes, you do sound good, as you forge forward. almost there. i'm hoping your new life will be wonderful for you. i think you will enjoy it.

happy weekend.

ps-- glad you got to see the "babies"-- specially the teensy one.
give him a tickle for me.

SOUL: said...

CRAP!-- tired much?
that would be one dollar and fifty cents 1.50
not a hundred and fifty--- 150.00
just put a chair up in the attic for me-- i'll be fine there.

Cheryl said...

Not a single boring thing in this post. Just the kind I love! I can't wait till your ties to all that stuff are over. Soon, very soon.

My daughter has a walk-on closet too. Not all the time, but when she lets it get away from her. I just insist she keep it contained within her room.

Happy Weekend!

Leann said...

It sounds like you are well versed in the art of organization. You are my inspiration :-) I have paperwork piled up under my bed that needs to be file....filing cabinet?? What is that??

I've seen more mens vehicles that are traveling trash containers than I care to remember.

Take care, stay well and hope you have a lovely weekend!