Saturday, May 09, 2009

Saturday morning

I think I am still among the land of the living...but I'm not quite sure. I managed a few hours sleep last night, and plan to make good use of it today, and get my life somewhat back in order. I don't think I can remember the last time it was in order, and when my living area is messed up, my life is the same.

I have accomplished a HUGE amount of STUFF this week----and every bone in my body feels it. The biggest thing has been (of course) the arrival of Brodie, and I know that wasn't my accomplishment, but I have tried to be there every second I could to be of help. To be honest, I don't know that I have been any kind of real help, like I told you before, Janelle seriously doesn't need it. But I have been with her every second I could. Considering the week I have had at work, that is a miracle. And on the job---I have managed to stay on track - and this week - even under the best of circumstances, that is a nearly impossible task, so for me, trying to do it with a handful of hours of sleep all week long, it's honestly a gift from God. So I think Him for that. And so many other things, as well. Happy weekend. :)



If she's nursing him...give her a gentle hug for me because of how painful the next few days will be.

Enjoy your time with cute!! I want to hold him..sooo beautiful.

You're doing exactly what she needs--you're there for her--


Golden To Silver Val said...

Try and remember not to OVER do it. That seems to be one of my biggest mistakes. Seems like I get so few days when I feel great...then when one of them comes along, I overdo it and then suffer later. Learn from my mistakes, ok? Work 15 minutes, rest for a couple-three hours, then repeat. LOLOLOLOLOL Have a wonderful weekend. Cheers! Love Charlotte

SOUL: said...

happy weekend to you too my friend-- and don't forget what the dr ordered--

take it easy--

Kathy said...

You've had a busy week but a productive one! I hope you get some rest this weekend.

ambersun said...

Yeah have a wonderful and restful weekend. Well done for all you have accomplished.