Friday, May 08, 2009


Here are a couple of pics, taken Monday night, right after Brodie was born. I think Janelle looks beautiful. How can a mother go through so much and still look like that?
I have to say...God knows what He's doing when he gives the babies to the young. I don't recall ever being this tired, and for ME to say those words..that's saying something. This week has been both one of the best of my life, and one of the hardest. My job blows---I have had to be at work, on time, and as for the work load - it has never been bigger. But I have managed and produced and stayed upright throughout the days-and then the nights. Mark and Craig and Nick are taking care of the Ice Cream Store in the evenings and this weekend. I am doing baby duty will Janelle, although---to tell you all the truth, she doesn't need my help. For all the times I asked God "what are you doing, giving a baby to this daughter of mine that can't even take care of herself?", I'm sorry. She has proven me (delightfully) wrong.
And now I have to get up and going...I overslept this morning, just turned that alarm right off. And now of course, I am late. Happy Friday to you all.


Golden To Silver Val said...

Mother and baby ARE beautiful.... I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am for all of you. He'll be taking walks with you with his slingshot in his back jeans pocket before you know it Grandma. THIS is what its all about. (isn't it amazing to realize that our kids ACTUALLY were paying attention to our teachings!) God Bless. Love, Charlotte

SOUL: said...

i'm glad the ICS is taken care of-- i knew it would be. happy to hear it isn't you. you soooo need to be with the babies. man i feel ooooold when i call janelle a baby. she's not, but she's yours. and if ya think about it-- not much older than my (baby) . so i guess i can say it and get away with it.

anyhow-- you are really gettin skinny .
i'm not.
just thought i'd throw that in.

brody is sooo flippin cute i just can't come up with any other words to say about him. j looks good too. dad looks a bit proud himself. dont ya think?

i told you she'd surprise ya... didn't i?

i hope you have a very happy weekend and just gobble that little chunk UP.
get some rest yourself while you're at it though.

luv ya


He is just beautiful and So is Janelle..she's a natural I tell you,..the pictures brought tears to my eyes..

btw--you look adorable!!!!!! and you can see the love you have for your beautiful grandson.

Enjoy the bonding time with Janelle--that's what you can call it, not help but more bonding time over something new for both of you.


ac said...


I don't know who's cuter. Janelle, you or the baby.

Ok... the baby is way cuter but ya'll look good too. :)

Brad said...

Brodie looks perfect. I really am SO happy for all of you! I need a lift today, thanks!

ambersun said...

Great news about the baby.

Hope you can get some well earned rest.


Kathy said...

It is amazing -- how competent our young daughters are. I'm sure Janelle will be a great mother to Brodie.
I hope things slow down for you this weekend.